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Boston MBTA

Route 70 experiencing delays of up to 25 minutes due to traffic. Started Until

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 • : 70-Cedarwood - Central Square, Cambridge at Tavern Rd on Stow St going →University Park

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1: In 23:55 to 30:12 at . 13:00 behind . Vehicle 1434 Will Layover. Only

 • : 424-Eastern Avenue & Essex Street - Wonderland at Western Ave on Eastern Ave going ↓Wonderland

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Because of ongoing construction, inbound stop at 130 Western Ave is closed until further notice. Started Apr 19
Alternate stops:
Western Ave @ Travis St
Western Ave @ Genzyme

Affected routes:

Starting December 22, 2019, Route 70A will be eliminated and will be replaced by a new, simplified Route 61, and additional service on Route 70. To learn more about this change and view a map of changes, visit Started Dec 2 Until Jan 12

Green St @ Magazine St (outbound stop) temporarily relocating to 279 Green Street because of ongoing construction. Started Nov 25
Temporary stop is 150 feet away from original stop.

Affected routes:

Winter bus schedules come into effect on Sunday, December 22 with weekday inbound trip shifted from 6:30 AM to 6:25 AM. Started Dec 13

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