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New York MTA

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 • : Bx11-West Farms Rd - Southern Blvd & GW Bridge at Webster Av on Claremont Pky going Washington Heights G W Bridge

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1: In 10:33 at . 4:23 behind . Vehicle 267 Only

2: In 33:57 at . (Sched. based) 5:47 behind . Vehicle 272 Will Layover. Only

3: In 33:59 to 36:10 at . (Sched. based) 2:10 ahead of . Vehicle 315 Will Layover. Only

4: In 34:14 at . (Sched. based) 36:05 behind . Vehicle 741 Will Layover. Only

5: In 39:38 at . (Sched. based) 18:28 behind . Vehicle 319 Will Layover. Only

 • : A-8 Avenue Express at Shepherd Av going ↑Inwood - 207 St

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BX3, BX11, BX13, BX35, BX36 and BX36-LTD buses are delayed in both directions due to heavy traffic on the George Washington Bridge, between 181 St and Broadway. Started Dec 29 (Updated Dec 29 )

In effectBx11, Bx13 and Bx35 bus stop adjustments for the introduction of articulated bus serviceThe stops listed below will no longer be made as we prepare for the start of articulated bus service on Sep 1, 2019.Discontinued bus stop:? 179 St at Broadway (near side)Please follow directional signage on 179 St on Broadway (far side). Started Dec 29 (Updated Dec 29 )

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