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New York MTA

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 • : S74-St. George - Bricktown Mall at Targee St on Richmond Rd going Bricktown Mall via Ar Kill Rd

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1: In 7:41 at . 4:53 behind . Vehicle 8127 Only

2: In 20:15 at . 2:41 behind . Vehicle 8135 Only

3: In 47:24 at . (Sched. based) 0:11 ahead of . Vehicle 8180 Will Layover. Only

 • : A-8 Avenue Express at Shepherd Av going ↑Inwood - 207 St

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Feedback needed on the accuracy of predictions and train locations.

SIM15, S54, S57, S74 and S76 buses are running with delays because of heavy traffic on Richmond Rd. Started Dec 29 (Updated Dec 29 )

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