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New York MTA

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 • : A-8 Avenue Express at Shepherd Av going Inwood - 207 St

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Feedback needed on the accuracy of predictions and train locations.

1: In 2:26 at . 0:42 behind . Track A2 Only

2: In 11:23 at . 2:54 ahead of . Track A2 Only

3: In 26:56 at . 0:49 behind . Track A2 Only

4: In 46:18 at . 0:00 behind . Track A2 Only

5: In 1:06:18 at . 0:00 behind . Track A2 Only

 • : SIM7-Staten Island - Greenwich village Express at Old Town Rd on Hylan Bl going ↓Eltvlle Trans Ctr via Hylan via Richmond

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Until further noticeSouthbound SIM1c, SIM3c, SIM4c, SIM7, SIM9, SIM33 and SIM33c bus stop in Manhattan on Broadway at Waverly Pl is bypassed due to constructionPlease use a nearby temporary stop one block south, on Broadway at Washington PlReminder: SIM7, SIM9 and SIM33 buses do not operate weekends Started Dec 29 (Updated Dec 29 )

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