TransSee Privacy Policy

A transit prediction site can potentially gather a lot of personal information, like your where and when you go and your location within a block. TransSee is set up not to collect personal information. Standard web server logs are disabled, but errors are still logged. Most logging is done by month and transit agency. For example User Agent, transit stop and the first 3 bytes of the IP address is logged by month and agency, but each log is separate. There is a hit count by agency and hour of the week.

In preperation for ads, Javascript from Google has been added to the prediction pages. The default Hyyda and Mapnik map tiles routed through a cache on as recommended by thier Terms of Service, therefore you cannot be tracked by OpenStreetMap. If you select a MapBox map the tiles will be loaded directly from them and you will be subject to thier privacy policy. If you choose Google Static Map the maps will be loaded directly from Google and you will be subject to thier privacy policy

If you use the TransSee app you are also subject to the AppsGeyser privacy policy.

TransSee uses a cookie to store user preferences. The preferences are storied directly in the cookie and it does not contain a unique id.

Warrant canary: TransSee has not been subject to any requests from the Canadian or any other government for user information.