San Antonio VIA

 •  48-Ih-35 South Express

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Hwy. 16 at Kings Hill
Kings Hill at King Kong
King Kong at Kings Row
Kings Trail at Hwy. 16
Hwy. 16    . . .    Hwy. 16    . . .    Hwy. 16    . . .    Hwy. 16
Twin Valley
Deborah Kay
Loop 1604 West
Hwy. 16 Northbound Front Of 17020
Hwy. 16
Spur 66
Hwy. 16 Access Rd. at 1022
Ih 35 N Access at Marek St
Ih35n Access Front Of Park South
Ih 35 N Access at Zarzamora
Madla Transit Center (W. Side)
Santa Rosa at Nueva
Santa Rosa at Dolorosa
Dolorosa Opp. Plaza De Armas
Dolorosa at S. Main
Market at S. St. Mary's
↓Madla Transit Center/Kingspoint
Dolorosa at S. Main
Market    . . .    Market
S. St. Mary's
Alamo - 150 Ft. West
Market/ Front Of Convention Center
Madla Transit Center
Ih 35 S Access at Zarzamora
Ih 35 S Access at Yarrow Blvd
S. Panam at Barlite
Ih35s Acc Betw. Hutch Pl./Pote Jour
Hwy. 16 Access Rd. at Palo Alto Apts
Hwy. 16
Watson Rd.
Hwy. 16 Southbound at 17020
Hwy. 16    . . .    Hwy. 16
Loop 1604 West
Deborah Kay
Smith Rd.
Hwy. 16 Near South Property 21439
Hwy. 16
Twin Valley
Kings Hill

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