San Antonio VIA

 •  550-Looper Skip

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←Kel-Lac Transit Center
Randolph Park at Ride
Ww White at Springfield
W.W. White Rd at Airgas (3
W.W. White Rd.    . . .    W.W. White Rd.
E. Houston
Martin Luth
Rice Rd.
W.W.White at Sea Breeze
W.W.White Rd. at Rigsby
W.W. White Rd. at Boxwood Rd.
Ww White Rd at Sinclair
W.W.White Rd. at Roland
W.W.White Rd. at Salado
Military Dr. at Alsbrook
S.E.Military Dr. at Pickwell
S.E. Military Dr. at Goliad
Military Dr at City Base Landing
S.E. Military Dr. at Hanzi
S.E. Military Dr. at Kennedy Hill
S.E. Military Dr. at Entrance Dr.
S.E.Military at Old Corpus & Pres
S.E. Military Dr.
Mission Rd.
Wal-Mart Entrance
S. Flores
S.W. Military Dr. at 301
S.W. Military Dr. at Pleasanton
SW military at Garnett
S.W. Military Dr. at Commercial
S.W.Military Dr. at Nock
I35 SB acc. Rd. at 2nd Ent. Sp Mall
Madla Transit Center (East)
I-35 NB access Rd. at Grosvenor
S.W. Military Dr.    . . .    S.W. Military Dr.
S. Zarzamora
Military Dr-W at Lackland SW gate
S.W. Military Dr. at Whitewood
S.W. Military Dr. at Five Palms
S.W. Military Dr. at Selfridge
S.W. Military Dr. at Luke Blvd.
Kel-Lac Transit Center
→Randolph Park and Ride
Kel-Lac Transit Center
SW loop 410-N Access Rd. at Latigo
N.W.Loop 410n Acces Rd./Fairgrounds
NW loop 410 Access Rd. at Holmes Hs
Wurzbach at Van Cleave
Ingram Transit Center
N.W. Loop 410 E Acc. Rd. at Ingram
N.W. Loop 410 E Acc. at Peace Pipe
N.W. Loop 410 E Acc. Rd. at Wigwam
N.W. Loop 410 E Acc. Rd at Thunder
N.W. Loop 410 E Acc. Rd. at Bandera
N.W.Loop 410 E. Acc. Rd. at Bandera (400')
N.W.Loop 410 E. Acc. Rd. at Daughtry
Loop 410 E Access Rd. at Evers
Loop 410 E Access Rd. at John Will
Loop 410e Acc Rd at 4788
N.W.Loop 410 E. Acc. Rd. at W. Piedr
N.W.Loop 410 E Access at E.Pierdas
Fredericksburg Rd.Opp. Wonderland Mall
Crossroads Park/Ride Terminal
Loop 410 E Acc. at Trudell
Loop 410 E Access Rd. at Vance Jac
Loop 410 E Access Rd. at West Ave.
Loop 410 W Access Rd In Front 1100
Blanco at NE loop 410 W Acces. Rd.
Lockhill-Slema at Blanco
North Star Transit Center (S.Side)
Loop 410 E Access Rd. at Crownhill
Loop 410 E Access Rd. at Nacogdoch
Loop 410 E. Access Rd. at Goldstar
Loop 410 E Access Rd./Perrin Beitel
Randolph Park at Ride
→Via Garage Only
Ingram Transit Center
Crossroads Park/Ride Terminal

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