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 •  432-Aurora High SS

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John West Way    . . .    John West Way
Wellington St
Amberhill Way
Civic Square Gate
Evelyn Buck Lane
Hollidge Blvd
Hollidge Blvd at Hollandview Trl
Hollandview Trl at Steckley St
Hollandview Trl at Bridgenorth Dr
Hollandview Trl at McMaster Av
McMaster Av at Earl Stewart Dr
Earl Stewart Dr at Bridgenorth Dr
Gateway Dr    . . .    Gateway Dr
Kirkvalley Cres
Chippingwood Mnr
Limeridge St
St. John's Sdrd
St. John's Sdrd
Earl Stewart Dr
Bayview Av
St. John's Sdrd Stop #6579
Mavrinac Blvd
Mavrinac Blvd    . . .    Mavrinac Blvd    . . .    Mavrinac Blvd
Lewis Honey Dr
Hartwell Way
Spring Farm Rd
Ivy Jay Cres
Borealis Av
Gundy Way
Halldorson Av
Wellington Av
Wellington St    . . .    Wellington St    . . .    Wellington St    . . .    Wellington St    . . .    Wellington St
Conover Av
Bayview Av
Bayview Av
John West Way
John West Way
Wellington St Stop #6093
Industrial Pkwy
Berczy St
Wells St
Yonge St
Temperance St
George St
Haida Dr
McDonald Dr

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