York Region YRT/Viva

 •  22-King City

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↓Maple Go Station - SB
Seneca College Stop #1706
Seneca College Stop #7242
15th Sdrd at Dufferin St
15th Sdrd at East Of 1280 15th Sdrd
15th Sideroad at Bathurst St
15th Sdrd at Bathurst St
Bloomington Rd    . . .    Bloomington Rd
Red Cardinal Trl
Elderberry Trl
Bloomfield Trl
Academy Dr
Yonge St
Yonge St    . . .    Yonge St    . . .    Yonge St
Coon's Rd
Blackforest Dr
Regatta Av
Elm Grove Av
Maple Grove Av
Aubrey Av
Yonge at King
Yonge St
Bond Cres
Estate Garden Dr
Estate Garden Dr Stop #5896
Littleside St at Timber Valley Av
Bond Cres
Littleside St
Bond Cres Stop #4554
Bond Cres
Newbridge Av
Grand Oak Dr
Grovewood St
Kingshill Rd
Kingshill Rd    . . .    Kingshill Rd
Augustine Av
Selleck Dr
Holtby St
Brockdale St
Bathurst St
Bathurst St at Augustine Av
Bathurst St Stop #6979
King Rd    . . .    King Rd    . . .    King Rd
Dufferin St
Stan Roots St
Warren Rd
King Blvd
William St
Fisher St
Keele St    . . .    Keele St    . . .    Keele St    . . .    Keele St    . . .    Keele St
Elizabeth Grv
Station Rd
King Vaughan Rd
Maloy St
Keele St Stop #4537
Kirby Rd
Vista Gate
Peak Point Blvd
Teston Rd
Keele St Stop #3947
Drummond Dr
Keele St Stop #3958
McNaughton Rd at Falvo St
McNaughton Rd at Eagle Crt
Eagle Rock Way Stop #6068
Eagle Rock Way at Go Parking Lot

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