York Region YRT/Viva

 •  098e-Yonge Limited Express

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↑Newmarket Terminal - NB
Finch Go Bus Terminal Platform 3
Yonge at Bernard
Yonge St
Silverwood Dr
Yonge St Stop #2490
Devonsleigh Blvd
Yonge at 19th-Gamble
Yonge St
Yonge St Stop #5781
Jefferson Forest Dr
Townwood Dr
Yonge at Jefferson
Yonge St    . . .    Yonge St
Stouffville Rd
Silver Maple Rd
Old Colony Rd
Lake Av
Sunset Beach Rd
Yonge at King
Yonge St    . . .    Yonge St
Ashfield Dr
Elm Grove Av
Regatta Av
Worthington Av
Coon's Rd
Yonge at Bloomington
Yonge St    . . .    Yonge St
Yonge St Stop #2507
Ridge Rd
Gilbert Dr
Industrial Pkwy
Yonge at Henderson
Yonge St at Edward St
Yonge at Golf Links
Yonge St
Kennedy St
Church St
Yonge at Wellington
Yonge St
Mark St
Valhalla Crt
Yonge at Orchard Heights
Yonge St
Yonge St Stop #2512
St. John's Sdrd
Yonge at Savage
Yonge St
Savage Rd
Yonge St Stop #4679
Yonge at Mulock
Yonge St at William Roe Blvd
Eagle St    . . .    Eagle St    . . .    Eagle St
Yonge St
McCaffrey Rd
Peevers Cres
Glenway Cir
Millard Av
John Bowser Cres
Newmarket Go Terminal Platform 6

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