York Region YRT/Viva

 •  442-Richmond Hill High SS via Gamble

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←442 Richmond Hill High School via Gamble - Af
Yorkland St Stop #2100
Yorkland St at Devonsleigh Blvd
Yonge at 19th-Gamble
Yonge St Stop #5781
Tower Hill Rd
Yonge St
Edelweiss Av
Wicker Dr
Rollinghill Rd
Rollinghill Rd    . . .    Rollinghill Rd
Tower Hill Rd
Skywood Dr
Richvalley Cres
Glenis Gate
Gamble Rd
Gamble Rd    . . .    Gamble Rd
Rothbury Rd
Harvest Crt
Colesbrook Rd
Selwyn Rd
Selwyn Rd
Gamble Rd
Platinum Av
Alpaca Av
Tower Hill Rd at Selwyn Rd

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