City of Davis Unitrans

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♂Outbound to Target
Memorial Union at Main Island (NB)
Russell at A St (EB)
B St at 4th St (SB)
2nd St
B St (EB)
E St (EB)
H St at Amtrak Station (NB)
3rd St at K St (EB)
8th St
L St (EB)
Chestnut Ln (EB)
5th St    . . .    5th St
Post Office / Pole Line (EB)
Cantrill (EB)
Pena Drive (EB)
Spafford St (EB)
Windmere Apts. (EB)
5th Street at Verona Terrace (EB)
Alhambra Drive at 5th St (EB)
Alhambra Drive at Arroyo Ave (EB)
Alhambra Drive at Mace Blvd (EB)
Mace Blvd at 2nd St (SB)
2nd St. at Target Drive (WB)
↵Inbound to UCD MU
2nd St. at Target Drive (WB)
2nd Street at Cousteau Place (WB)
Pena at 2nd St. (NB)
5th St    . . .    5th St
San Rafael St (WB)
Cantrill (WB)
Post Office / Pole Line Rd (WB)
Pole Line at S Diameter Drive (NB)
East 8th Street at Pole Line Road (WB)
8th St at Chestnut Ln (WB)
L Street at Duke (SB)
L St at 425 (SB)
3rd St at K St (WB)
H St Alley at 2nd St (SB)
2nd St at E St (WB)
B St at 4th St (NB)
Russell Blvd at A St (WB)
Memorial Union Terminal Arrival at Howard Way (NB)

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