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 •  87-Clarendon Hill or Arlington Center - Lechmere Station

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225 Msgr O'Brien Hwy
McGrath Hwy at Twin City Plaza
McGrath Hwy at Poplar St
Somerville Ave at McGrath Hwy
Somerville Ave at Merriam St
Somerville Ave at Stone Ave
Bow St
Warren Ave
51 Bow St
Somerville Ave    . . .    Somerville Ave
Church St
School St
Loring St
Central St
Spring St
Lowell St
Elm St    . . .    Elm St
Porter St
Cedar St
Hancock St
Saint James Ave
Cutter Ave
Grove St at Highland Ave
Holland St
Wallace St
Paulina St
Cameron Ave
Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway
Curtis St
Dickson St
Belknap St
North St
Clarendon Hill Busway
Sunnyside Ave
Silk St
Cleveland St
N Union St
Harlow St
Tufts St
Allen St
Franklin St
Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway    . . .    Broadway
Franklin St
Massachusetts Ave
Allen St
Tufts St
Harlow St
Oxford St
Cleveland St
Silk St
Sunnyside Ave
Clarendon Hill Busway
Garrison Ave
Weston Ave
Holland St - Teele Sq
Holland St    . . .    Holland St
Moore St
Cameron Ave
Jay St
Dover St
Elm St    . . .    Elm St    . . .    Elm St
Chester St
Russell St
Beech St
Porter Sq Shopping Ctr
Mossland St
Porter St
Somerville Ave    . . .    Somerville Ave    . . .    Somerville Ave
Sacramento St
594 Somerville Ave
Central St
Loring St
School St
Carlton St
Union Square
Prospect St
Linden St
Mansfield St
McGrath Hwy at Medford St
McGrath Hwy at Twin City Plaza
O'Brien Hwy at Winter St

Beginning August 12, 2019 until early 2020, the bus stop on Somerville Ave @ Linden St and Somerville Ave opp Mansfield St will be closed/missed while service is diverted on Somerville Ave from Prospect St to McGrath Hwy due to construction. Started Aug 12

Beginning Monday, August 12, 2019 for approximately 6 months, inbound route 87 skips Somerville Ave opp Mansfield St because of construction. Started Aug 12
Affected direction: Inbound

Affected stops:
Somerville Ave opp Mansfield St

McGrath Hwy @ Medford St
Somerville Ave @ Linden St

Effective 1/15/2020 bus stop on Broadway @ Mass. Ave in Arlington Ctr will become pick up only for Rte 87 (Lechemre). Rte 87 (Arlington Ctr) will terminate at Broadway @ Franklin St. Broadway @ Franklin St will be the first stop for Route 87 (Lechmere). Started Jan 15
Affected routes:

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