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 •  24 Mayport

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↑To Mayport Village
Plaza St. at Amberjack Ln. fs eb
Atlantic Blvd. at Penman Rd. fs wb
1087 Atlantic Blvd.
Atlantic Blvd. at Mayport Rd.
Florida Blvd. at Atlantic Blvd.
Mayport Rd.    . . .    Mayport Rd.    . . .    Mayport Rd.    . . .    Mayport Rd.    . . .    Mayport Rd.    . . .    Mayport Rd.
S. Saratoga Cir.
S. Forrestal Cir.
Donner Rd.
Stanley Rd.
Dutton Island Rd. E fs
Bull Dairy Rd. fs
Fairway Villas Dr.
2397 Mayport Rd.
Fleet Landing Blvd. ns
SR A1A ns
Mayport Crossing Blvd.
Americas Cup Dr.
2667 Mayport Rd.
2701 Mayport Rd.
2775 Mayport Rd.
Pioneer Dr.
2873 Mayport Rd.
Wonderwood Dr.
Apollo Dr.
E Regas Dr. ns
W. Regas Dr.
E Bayshore Dr.
SR A1A at Bayshore Dr. ns
4200 Ocean St.
Ocean St. and Minorcan Way
Ocean St. at Pearl St.
↓To Atlantic Village
Ocean St. at Pearl St.
Ocean St. at Palmer St.
Ocean St. and OPP Minorcan Way
4200 Ocean St.
A1A at Wonderwood Dr.
Wonderwood Dr.    . . .    Wonderwood Dr.
Bayshore Dr.
W Regas Dr. ns
Jackie Ln. ns
E. Regas Dr.
Apollo Dr.
Mayport Rd. at Pioneer Dr.
2746 Mayport Rd.
Old Mayport Rd. at Mazama Rd.
Mayport Rd.    . . .    Mayport Rd.    . . .    Mayport Rd.
Quad Ct.
Mayport Crossing Blvd.
Assisi Ln.
2294 Mayport Rd.
Fairway Villas Dr.
2122 Mayport Rd.
Church Rd.
Levy Rd.
Plaza St. at Amberjack Ln. fs eb

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