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 •  121-Fort York - Esplanade

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→East to Cherry Beach via Union Station
Remembrance Dr at Ontario Place Central Entrance
Fleet St at Fort York Blvd
Fort York Blvd at Bastion St East Side
Fort York Blvd at Bathurst St
Fort York Blvd at Capreol Ct East Side
Bremner Blvd at Spadina Ave East Side
Front St West
Blue Jays Way East Side
John St
Simcoe St
Bay St East Side (Union Station)
Front St East at Scott St (Meridan Hall)
The Esplanade    . . .    The Esplanade
Church St
Market St
Lower Jarvis St East Side
Frederick St
Lower Sherbourne St
Princess St
Berkeley St
Berkeley St at Front St East
Front St East at Parliament St
Front St East at Cherry St
Cherry St    . . .    Cherry St
Mill St South Side
Lake Shore Blvd East
Villiers St South Side
Commissioners St South Side
Polson St South Side
Unwin Ave
Cherry Beach Loop
←West to Ontario Place via Distillery and Union Station
Cherry Beach Loop
Cherry St    . . .    Cherry St
Unwin Ave North Side
Polson St
Commissioners St
Villiers St
Lake Shore Blvd East
Mill St
Cherry St West Side
Trinity St
Parliament St
Berkeley St at Front St East South Side
Berkeley St at The Esplanade
The Esplanade    . . .    The Esplanade
Princess St
Lower Sherbourne St
George St South
Lower Jarvis St
Market St West Side
Church St West Side
Yonge St
Front St West at Bay St
Front St West at Simcoe St West Side
Front St West at John St
Blue Jays Way at Front St West South Side
Bremner Blvd at Spadina Ave
Fort York Blvd
Dan Leckie Way West Side
Bathurst St West Side
Gzowski Blvd
Fleet St
Remembrance Dr at Ontario Place Blvd (Administration Entrance)
Remembrance Dr at Ontario Place Central Entrance

121 Fort York-Esplanade - Temporary route change
Road closure August 8 to August 9, 2020

Service improvements in the Junction Area
Starting October 13, 2019

121 Fort York-Esplanade - Seasonal service adjustments
Effective: December 22, 2019

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