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↓South to High Park Station
Runnymede Loop at Dundas St West
Dundas St W at Runnymede Rd
Dundas St West at Gilmour Ave
Dundas St West at St Johns Rd
Dundas St West at Quebec Ave
High Park Ave    . . .    High Park Ave
Dundas St West South Side
Annette St
Humberside Ave
Glenlake Ave
High Park Station
↑North to Runnymede
High Park Station
High Park Ave
Glenlake Ave
Humberside Ave
Annette St
Dundas St West
Dundas St West
Quebec Ave
St Johns Pl
Gilmour Ave
Runnymede Rd
Runnymede Loop at Dundas St West

Additional Stops:

30 Lambton - Temporary route change during Six Points interchange
Road closure begins February 24, 2019

Service improvements in the Junction Area
Starting October 13, 2019

30 Lambton becomes 30 High Park - Route change - Junction Area Study
Effective: October 13, 2019

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