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AC Transit

 •  1-San Leandro Bart\ Dtn. Oakland

 •  6-Dtn. Oakland\ Dtn. Berkeley

 •  10-San Leandro Bart\ Hayward Bart

 •  12-Dtn. Oakland\ Dtn. Berkeley\ Gilman St.

 •  18-San Pablo & Monroe\ Berkeley\ Merritt Bart

 •  20-Fruitvale Ave\ Alameda\ 11th M.L.K. Jr Wy

 •  33-Montclair\ Piedmont

 •  36-W. Oakland Bart\ Bancroft Way\ U.C. Berkeley

 •  40-Dtn. Oakland\ Eastmont T.C.\ Bayfair Bart

 •  51A-Oakland\ Alameda\ Fruitvale Bart

 •  51B-RockRidge - 3RUN

 •  52-U.C. Village - U.C. Campus

 •  57-Emeryville\ Macarthur Blvd\ Foothill Sq

 •  60-CSUEB\ Hayward Bart\ Chabot College

 •  62-W. Oakland Bart\ Fruitvale Bart

 •  72-Richmond - Downtown Oakland

 •  72M-Richmond - Downtown Oakland

 •  73-Eastmont T.C.\ Oakland Airport

 •  79-Rockridge/Berkeley/El Cerrito BART

 •  86-Hayward Bart\ S. Hayward Bart

 •  90-Coliseum Bart\ 85thAve\ Foothill Sq

 •  93-Castro Valley\ Hayward \ Bayfair Bart

 •  97-Bayfair\ Hesperian Blvd\ Union City Bart

 •  98-Coliseum Bart\ 98th Ave\ Eastmont T.C.

 •  99-Hayward\ Union City\ Fremont Bart

 •  200-Union City BART-Newpark Mall-Fremont BART

 •  210-Union Landing - Frmt. Blvd. - Ohlone

 •  212-Fremont BART-Newpark Mall-Pacific Commons

 •  239-Fremont BART-Warm Springs

 •  376-North Richmond Shuttle

 •  800-OWL\ San Francisco\ Dtn. Oakland\ Richmond Bart


 •  F-San Francisco - Berkeley

 •  NL-San Francisco\ Eastmont T.C.

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