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Welcome to TransSee

TransSee is a web application that provides real-time bus tracking and next vehicle predictions to a growing list of transit agencies, including most of North America's largest systems, New York MTA, LA Metro and TransSee's home system the Toronto TTC.

TransSee is a web application that runs on any browser, so it supports all smartphones, past, present (including BlackBerry and Windows Phone) and future, as well as any other device with a web browser from Macs and PCs to smart TVs. It even works on SwatchWatch browsers.


Exclusive features for select agencies

Off-route vehicle predictions
TransSee will attempt to generate predictions for off-route vehicles. They will show up as a "Sched. based" prediction.
Tracking history
TransSee will record the position of every in-service vehicle every 30 seconds. Premium users can view the list of trips run each day by route or vehicle and see the exact path each vehicle took. Most agencies have some routes where this information can be viewed by all.
Predictions using past travel times
TransSee uses the tracking history data to find vehicles that traveled the same route in the past to calculate how long they took to get to the selected stop. A prediction range is generated telling when you should be at the stop and when it may not be too late to get to the stop.

Features that can be activated in the settings

Paid Options ($CAN)

Feel free to email me about these options.

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Stops near me by GPS going North East South West Map

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