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Gainesville RTS

 •  1-Downtown Station To Butler Plaza

 •  2-Downtown Station To Walmart Supercenter (NE 12 AVE)

 •  3-Downtown Station To N Main Post Office

 •  5-Downtown Station To Oaks Mall

 •  6-Downtown Station To N Walmart Supercenter

 •  7-Downtown Station To Eastwood Meadows

 •  8-UF Health To N Walmart Supercenter

 •  9-Reitz Union To Hunters Run

 •  10-Downtown Station To Santa Fe College

 •  11-Downtown Station To Eastwood Meadows

 •  12-Reitz Union To Butler Plaza Transfer Station

 •  13-Beaty Towers To Cottage Grove Apartments

 •  15-Downtown Station To NW 13 Street/NW 23 Avenue

 •  16-Beaty Towers To Sugar Hill

 •  17-Beaty Towers To Downtown Station

 •  20-Reitz Union To Oaks Mall

 •  23-Oaks Mall To Santa Fe College

 •  24-Downtown Station To Job Corps

 •  25-UF Commuter Lot to Airport

 •  26-Downtown Station To GNV Airport

 •  27-Downtown Station To Walmart Supercenter(NE 12 AVE)

 •  33-Celebration Pointe To Midtown

 •  34-The Hub To Lexington Crossing

 •  35-Reitz Union To SW 35 Place

 •  37-Reitz Union To Butler Plaza

 •  38-The Hub To Gainesville Place

 •  43-UF Health To Santa Fe College

 •  46-Reitz Union To Downtown Station

 •  75-Oaks Mall To Butler Plaza

 •  117-Park And Ride #2 34th Street To Reitz Union

 •  119-Family Housing To The Hub

 •  120-West Circulator (Frat Row To The Hub)

 •  122-UF North/South Circulator

 •  125-Lakeside

 •  126-UF East/West Circulator (Lakeside To Sorority Row)

 •  127-East Circulator (Turlington Hall To Sorority Row)

 •  128-Lake Wauburg Shuttle

 •  150-Haile Plantation

 •  600-Microtransit

 •  711-Downtown Station To Eastwood Meadows

 •  800-Santa Fe To Butler Plaza Transfer Station

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TransSee by Darwin O'Connor. Follow on Twitter.