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Barrie Transit

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 •  1A-Georgian Mall

 •  1B-Welham

 •  2A-Dunlop

 •  2B-Park Place

 •  3A-Georgian

 •  3B-Painswick

 •  4A-East Bayfield

 •  4B-South Go

 •  5A-Blake

 •  5B-Edgehill

 •  6A-Letitia

 •  6B-College

 •  7A-Bell Farm

 •  7B-Bear Creek

 •  8A-Rvh/Yonge

 •  8B-Park Place

 •  11-Lockhart

 •  90A-Angus Borden

 •  90B-Peacekeepers Way

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