Birmingham MAX

 •  48-South Powderly

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Electra & Goldenpines
Central Station
3rd Ave
19th St
21st St N
22nd St at 2nd Ave No
1st Ave N at 19th St N
18th St at Morris Ave
18th St S    . . .    18th St S
1st Ave S
2nd Ave S
4th Ave S
5th Ave S
6th Ave S    . . .    6th Ave S
17th St
16th St S
15th St S
14th St S
6th Ave So at 12th St
6th Ave S at 8th St S
6th Ave S Near Memorial Park
6th Ave S
Beta St
Omega St
1st St S
Goldwire St at 2nd St SW
Greensprings Ave at Goldwire St
Dennison at Martin Luther King
Mlk Jr Dr at Mason Ave
Mlk Jr Dr at Montevallo Rd
Mayfield Ave
12th Pl
13th Way SW
14th St SW
14th Pl SW at 1445 Address
Arthur Shores at Hugh Denman
16th St W at 1562 Address
Jackson Ave
16th St SW
15th St SW
14th Way SW
Matt Leonard Dr    . . .    Matt Leonard Dr
15th St
16th Pl SW
16th Way SW
17th Pl SW
Ishkooda Rd
Tempest Dr at Century Dr
Electra at Goldenpines
Central Station
Electra at Goldenpines
Electra Dr at Tempest Dr
Matt Leonard Dr
17th Place SW
16th Way SW (Ib)
16th Place SW
15th St
Hugh Denman at Arthur Shores
Mayfield Ave
14th St SW
13th Way SW (Ib)
13th St SW
Montevallo Rd
Mlk Jr Dr at Nassau Ave
Martin Luther King Dr at Mason Ave (Ib)
Center St at Greensprings Ave
Goldwire St at 2nd St SW
6th Ave S    . . .    6th Ave S    . . .    6th Ave S    . . .    6th Ave S
Omega St (Ib)
Delta St
Beta St (Ib)
6th St S
8th St (Ib)
12th St (Ib)
13th St S
14th St (Ib)
15th St (Ib)
17th St (Ib)
18th St
18th St
4th Ave
1st Ave
18th St S at Morris Ave
Central Station

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