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 •  214-Rensselaer 3rd Street

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Empire State Plaza to Walmart - RensselaerWalmart - Rensselaer to Empire State Plaza
Empire State Plaza ConcourseWalmart - Rensselaer Plaza - Side
S. Swan St at Washington Ave324 Rt 4 (Dunkin'Donuts)
Hawk/Capitol Station - Washington Ave at Hawk StDefreestville Park at Ride
State St at Eagle StWashington Ave at Laura Cl
State/Downtown Station - State St at S. Pearl StWashington Ave at Van Allen Way(Van Allen Apts.)
Broadway/SUNY Plaza Station - Broadway at Hudson AvWashington Ave at Woodland Ave
Madison Ave at Green StreetWashington Ave at Birchwood Ave
Madison Ave at S. Pearl StWashington Ave at Delaware Ave
S. Pearl St at Dunn Bridge RampWashington Ave at Quay St
Broadway at Fourth AveWashington Ave at Rockefeller St
3rd Ave at Walker St (City Hall)Entrance to St. Francis Heights
3rd Ave at Adams StWashington Ave at Manor Dr
Adams St at East StWashington Ave at Forbes Ave
East St at Fourth AveWashington Ave at 4th St
East St at Herrick St (Rensselaer Rail Station)1639 3rd St
East St at Wendell St3rd St at Fowler Ave
East St at Willow St3rd St at MacNaughton Ave
East St at Partition St3rd St at Catherine St
800 3rd St3rd St at Glen St
3rd St at John St3rd St at John St
3rd St at Glen St3rd St at Partition Ave
3rd St at Catherine StEast St at Stewart's
3rd St at Garden PlEast St at Willow St
3rd St at Fowler AveEast St at Wendell St
3rd St at Washington AveRensselaer Rail Station
Washington Ave at Chestnut StEast St at Fourth St
Washington Ave at 7th StEast St at Adams St
Washington Ave at 9th St3rd Ave at Washington St
620 Washington Ave3rd Ave at Broadway
Washington Ave at Haztel TerrMarket St at Pearl St (MVP Arena)
Washington Ave at Quay StEmpire State Plaza Concourse
Washington Ave at Maryland Ave
Washington Ave at Wisconsin Ave
Washington Ave at Michigan Ave
Washington Ave at Lindbergh Ave
Washington Ave at Van Allen Way(Van Allen Apts.)
Defreestville Park at Ride
600 Rt 4 (Home Depot)
307 Rt 4 (Aspen Dental)
Walmart -Rensselaer Plaza - Front

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