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 •  Sy 40-Drumlins - Nob Hill

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
340 Su - Drumlins240 Su - Nob Hill240 Su - Nob Hill to Hub240 Su - Nob Hill to Hub340 Su - Drumlins to Hub340c Drumlins - Su Connector
B18B18Iroquois Nursing HomeIroquois Nursing HomeDrumlinsDrumlins
E Adams St at S Townsend StE Adams St at S Townsend StIroquois Dr at E Seneca TpkIroquois Dr at E Seneca TpkNottingham Rd at Halton RdNottingham Rd at Halton Rd
E Adams St at S McBride StE Adams St at S McBride StLaFayette Rd at 104 Lafayette RdE Seneca Tpke at E Brighton AveNottingham Rd at E Colvin StNottingham Rd at E Colvin St
Sarah Loguen Bus ShelterSarah Loguen Bus ShelterLaFayette Rd at 218 LaFayette RdE Brighton Ave at Intrepid LaNottingham Rd at Sherman StNottingham Rd at Sherman St
Harrison St at Elizabeth Blackwell StHarrison St at Elizabeth Blackwell StNob Hill Apts Building #4Brighton TowersNottingham Rd at Tecumseh RdNottingham Rd at Tecumseh Rd
Harrison St at Irving AveHarrison St at Irving AveNob Hill Apts Building #3Lorretto Drive at Glen AveNottingham Rd at Spaid AveNottingham Rd at Spaid Ave
Irving Ave at E Adams StIrving Ave at E Adams StNob Hill Apts Building #1Loretto RestNottingham Rd at Broad StNottingham Rd at Broad St
Irving Ave at Crouse HospitalIrving Ave at Crouse HospitalNob Hill Apts Building #2Loretto Driveway at E Glen AveMeadowbrook Dr at Montana StMeadowbrook Dr at Montana St
Waverly Ave at S Crouse AveWaverly Ave at S Crouse AveE Seneca Tpke at E Brighton AveE Brighton Av at Ainsley DrMontana St at Cumberland AveMontana St at Cumberland Ave
Waverly Ave at University AveWaverly Ave at University AveE Brighton Ave at Intrepid LaE Brighton Ave at Ball CirMontana St at Westmoreland AveMontana St at Westmoreland Ave
University Pl at College PlUniversity Pl at College PlBrighton TowersE Brighton Av at Ivy Ridge RdMontana St at Fellows AveMontana St at Fellows Ave
College PlaceCollege PlaceE Brighton Av at Ainsley DrThurber St at E Brighton AveFellows Ave at Dakota StFellows Ave at Dakota St
Euclid Ave at Ostrom AveComstock Ave at Stratford StE Brighton Ave at Ball CirThurber St at Ivy Ridge RdFellows Ave at Meadowbrook DrFellows Ave at Meadowbrook Dr
Euclid Ave at Livingston AveOakwoodE Brighton Av at Ivy Ridge RdThurber St at Alden StFellows Ave at Broad StFellows Ave at Broad St
Euclid Ave at Sumner AveComstock Av at Comstock LotThurber St at E Brighton AveThurber St at Jamesville AveBroad St at Meadowbrook DrBroad St at Meadowbrook Dr
Euclid Ave at Ackerman AveE Colvin St at Robert DrThurber St at Ivy Ridge RdJamesville Av at Vincent StBroad St at Roosevelt AveBroad St at Roosevelt Ave
Euclid Ave at Lancaster AveE Colvin St at N Lorraine AveThurber St at Alden StJamesville Rd at PercyHughes SchoolBroad St at Westcott StBroad St at Westcott St
Lancaster Ave at Stratford StE Colvin St at Jamesville AveThurber St at Jamesville AveJamesville Ave at 239 Jamesville Av eBroad St at Kensington PlBroad St at Kensington Pl
Lancaster Ave at Kensington RdJamesville Ave at 238 Jamesville AveJamesville Av at Vincent StJamesville Ave at E Colvin StBroad St at Buckingham AveBroad St at Buckingham Ave
Lancaster Ave at Broad StJamesville Av at Mount St JamesJamesville Rd at PercyHughes SchoolE Colvin St at Lorraine AveBroad St at Lancaster AveBroad St at Lancaster Ave
Broad St at Buckingham AveJamesville Ave at Percy Hughes SchoolJamesville Ave at 239 Jamesville Av eE Colvin St at Harriette AveLancaster Ave at Kensington RdLancaster Ave at Kensington Rd
Broad St at Kensington PlJamesville Ave at Smith LnJamesville Ave at E Colvin StComstock Av at Comstock LotLancaster Ave at Stratford StLancaster Ave at Stratford St
Broad St at Westcott StJamesville Ave at Thurber StE Colvin St at Lorraine AveOakwoodLancaster Ave at Euclid AveLancaster Ave at Euclid Ave
Broad St at Meadowbrook DrThurber St at Alden StE Colvin St at Harriette AveComstock Av at Stratford StEuclid Ave at Ackerman AveEuclid Ave at Ackerman Ave
Fellows Ave at Meadowbrook DrThurber St at Stevens PlComstock Av at Comstock LotCollege PlaceEuclid Ave at Sumner AveEuclid Ave at Sumner Ave
Fellows Ave at Dakota StE Brighton Ave at Thurber StOakwoodUniversity Pl at College PlEuclid Ave at Livingston AveEuclid Ave at Livingston Ave
Fellows Ave at Montana St474 E Brighton AveComstock Av at Stratford StWaverly Ave at University AveEuclid Ave at Ostrom AveEuclid Ave at Ostrom Ave
Montana St at Westmoreland AveE Brighton Ave at Ivy Ridge RdCollege PlaceS Crouse Ave at Marshall StCollege PlaceUniversity Pl at College Pl
Montana St at Cumberland AveE Brighton Ave at Ball CirUniversity Pl at College PlS Crouse Ave at E Adams StUniversity Pl at College PlCollege Place
Montana St at Meadowbrook DrE Brighton Av at Ainsley DrWaverly Ave at University AveHarrison St at S Crouse AveWaverly Ave at University Ave
Meadowbrook Dr at Dakota AveE Brighton Ave at E Glen AveS Crouse Ave at Marshall StHarrison St at Elizabeth Blackwell StS Crouse Ave at Marshall St
Nottingham Rd at Broad StLorretto Drive at Glen AveS Crouse Ave at E Adams StHarrison St at Sarah Loguen StS Crouse Ave at E Adams St
Nottingham Rd at Spaid AveLoretto RestHarrison St at S Crouse AveHarrison St at S Townsend StHarrison St at S Crouse Ave
Nottingham Rd at Tecumseh RdLoretto Driveway at E Glen AveHarrison St at Elizabeth Blackwell StHarrison St at Montgomery StHarrison St at Elizabeth Blackwell St
Nottingham Rd at Sherman StBrighton TowersHarrison St at Sarah Loguen StB18Harrison St at Sarah Loguen St
Nottingham Rd at Lewiston DrE Brighton Ave at Intrepid LaHarrison St at S Townsend StHarrison St at S Townsend St
Nottingham Rd at E Colvin StE Seneca Tpke at Lafayette RdHarrison St at Montgomery StHarrison St at Montgomery St
Nottingham Rd at Halton RdLaFayette Rd at 104 Lafayette RdC21C21
DrumlinsLaFayette Rd at 218 LaFayette Rd
Nob Hill Apts Building #4
Nob Hill Apts Building #3
Nob Hill Apts Building #1
Nob Hill Apts Building #2
Southwood Heights Dr at 4622 Southwood Heights Dr
Iroquois Nursing Home

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