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Route Vehicles
74 Solvay - Milton Ave374 Solvay-Avery Ave374 Solvay-Avery Ave to Hub
A5B15Township 5
Seymour St at Granger StSeymour St at Granger StAldi Milton Ave
Gifford St at Wyoming StGifford St at Wyoming StMilton Ave at 3711 Milton Ave
Gifford St at Niagara StGifford St at Niagara StMilton Ave at Queens Way
Gifford St at Saint Lucy's ChurchGifford St at Saint Lucy's ChurchMilton Ave at Oak Crest Courtyard
Gifford St at Oswego StGifford St at Oswego StMilton Ave at Gordon Pkwy
Gifford St at Ontario StGifford St at Ontario StMilton Ave at Gordon Pky
Gifford St at S Geddes StGifford St at S Geddes StMilton Ave at Male Ave
S Geddes St at Seymour StS Geddes St at Seymour StMilton Ave at Dora Ave
Seymour St at S Wilbur AveSeymour St at S Wilbur AveMilton Ave at Makay Ave
S Wilbur Ave at W Marcellus StS Wilbur Ave at W Marcellus StMilton Ave at Germania Ave
S Wilbur Ave at Conservation PlS Wilbur Ave at Conservation PlMilton Ave at Scott Ave
S Wilbur Ave at Coleridge AveS Wilbur Ave at Coleridge AveMilton Ave at Gillespie Ave
S Wilbur Ave at Tennyson AveS Wilbur Ave at Tennyson AveMilton Ave at Melrose Ave
Tompkins St at N Lowell AveTompkins St at N Lowell AveMilton Ave at Cotton St
Tompkins St at Emerson AveTompkins St at Emerson AveMilton Ave at Jones St
Tompkins St at Milton AvTompkins St at Milton AvMilton Ave at Box Car Ln
Milton Ave at Ulster StTompkins St at Willis AveMilton Ave at Brooks St
Milton Ave at Schuyler StTompkins St at Avery AveMilton Ave at Bailey St
Milton Ave at Hamilton StAvery Ave at Ulster StCase St at Milton Ave
Milton Ave at Cayuga StAvery Ave at Schuyler AveMilton Ave at Darrow Ave
Milton Ave at W Genesee StAvery Ave at Hamilton StMilton Ave at Lionel Ave
Milton Ave at Erie StAvery Ave at Cayuga StMilton Ave at Abell Ave
Milton Ave at Herkimer StAvery Ave at W Genesee StMilton Ave at Franklin Ave
Milton Ave at Lewis StAvery Ave at Erie StMilton Ave at Boyd Ave
Milton Ave at Essex StAvery Ave at Herkimer StMilton Ave at Center St
Milton Av at Emerson AveAvery Ave at Driscoll AveMilton Ave at Cogswell Ave
Milton Ave at Willis AveAvery Ave at Essex StCogswell Ave at 1st St
Milton Ave at Erie Blvd WAvery Ave at Chemung StCogswell Ave at 2nd St
Milton Ave at Avery AveChemung St at Charles Ave3rd St at Gertrude Ave
Milton Ave at Charles AveWoods Rd at Caroline Ave3rd St at Stanton Ave
Milton Ave at Caroline AveWoods Rd at Freeman Ave3rd St at Woods Rd
Milton Ave at Freeman AveWoods Rd at Lamont AveWoods Rd at 4th St
Milton Ave at Lamont AveWoods Rd at Summit AveWoods Rd at Barclay St
Milton Ave at Hall AveWoods Rd at Boulder RdWoods Rd at N Orchard Rd
Milton Ave at N Orchard RdWoods Rd at N Orchard RdWoods Rd at Summit Ave
Milton Ave at Woods RdWoods Rd at Barclay StWoods Rd at Lamont Ave
Milton Ave at Bridge StWoods Rd at 3rd StWoods Rd at Freeman Ave
Milton Ave at China Towne3rd St at Stanton AveWoods Rd at Charles Ave
Milton Ave at Boyd Ave3rd St at Gertrude AveChemung St at Avery Ave
Milton Ave at Abell Ave3rd St at King AveAvery Ave at Essex St
Milton Ave at Lionel Ave3rd St at Cogswell AveAvery Ave at Driscoll Ave
Milton Ave at Darrow AveCogswell Ave at 2nd StAvery Ave at Herkimer St
Milton Ave at Case StCogswell Ave at Milton AveAvery Ave at Erie St
Milton Ave at Bailey StMilton Ave at China TowneAvery Ave at W Genesee St
3rd St at Case StMilton Ave at Boyd AveAvery Ave at Cayuga St
Milton Ave at Abell AveAvery Ave at Hamilton St
Milton Ave at Lionel AveAvery Ave at Schuyler St
Milton Ave at Darrow AveAvery Ave at Ulster St
Milton Ave at Case StAvery Ave at Tompkins St
Milton Ave at Bailey StTompkins St at Willis Ave
Milton Ave at Brook StTompkins St at Milton Ave
Milton Ave at Horan RdTompkins St at Emerson Ave
Milton AVe at Box Car LnTompkins St at S Lowell Ave
Milton Ave at Jones StTompkins St at S Wilbur Ave
Milton Ave at Cotton StS Wilbur Ave at Tennyson Ave
Milton Ave at Sawyer StS Wilbur Ave at Bryant Ave
Milton Ave at Melrose AveS Wilbur Ave at Whittier Ave
Milton Ave at Gillespie AveS Wilbur Ave at Coleridge Ave
Milton Ave at Scott AveS Wilbur Ave at Conservation Pl
Milton Ave at Germania AveS Wilbur Ave at W Marcellus St
Milton Ave at Mackay AveSeymour St at S Geddes St
Milton Ave at Dora AveS Geddes St at Gifford St
Milton Ave at Male AveGifford St at Ontario St
Milton Ave at Gordon PkwyGifford St at Oswego St
Milton Ave at Gordon PkwyGifford St at Saint Lucy's Church
Milton Ave at Oak Crest CourtyardGifford St at Niagara St
Milton Ave at Queens WayGifford St at Wyoming St
Milton Ave at Home Depot EntranceW Adams St at Oneida St
Milton Ave at Hinsdale RdB9
Township 5

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