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 •  71-Express East

No branches have been detected as scheduled, so all branches are listed

Express East
Pitt at Second
Cornwall Square
Water Street East (Civic Complex)
Water at Race
Water at Gloucester
Montreal Rd. at Marlborough
Montreal Rd. at 15 Edward
Montreal Rd. at McConnell
Guy St. at Montreal Rd.
Saint Lawrence College
Belmont South of Montreal Rd.
Heritage High School
Montreal Rd. at Kirkman
Danis at Montreal Rd.
Montreal Rd. at Gardner
Montreal Rd. at Anthony
Montreal Rd. at Bryden
Glen Stor Dun Lodge to DEV Hotel
DEV Hotel (East Entrance)
DEV Hotel (Main Entrance)
Glen Stor Dun Lodge to Pitt at Second
Montreal Rd. at Dunbar
Montreal Rd. at Leonia
Anthony at Easton
Anthony at Walton
Anthony at First
Second at Saint Lawrence High School
Second at Danis
Eastcourt Mall
Second at Glengarry
Saint Felix at Walton
Belmont North of Montreal Rd.
Guy St. to Pitt at Second
Montreal Rd. at Prince Arthur
Montreal Rd. at McConnell
Montreal Rd. at Baldwin
Montreal Rd. at Lawrence (Port Theatre)
Water at Marlborough
Water at Adolphus
Sydney at Cornwall Square
Second at Sydney (Library)
Pitt at Second

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