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 •  71-Express West

No branches have been detected as scheduled, so all branches are listed

Express West
Pitt at Second
Second at Augustus
Second at York
Second at Bedford
Cumberland at Fourth to Walmart
Cumberland at Sixth
Seventh at Cumberland to Walmart
Brookdale Centre
Brookdale at Twelfth
Brookdale at Henry
Brookdale at Best Western
Brookdale at Sara
Brookdale at Cobblehill
Home Depot
Tollgate at Brookdale
Emma at Cumberland
365 Emma
Emma at Cumberland
Fifteenth at Cumberland
Cumberland at Thirteenth
Cumberland at Twelfth
Cumberland at Eleventh
Seventh at Cumberland to Pitt & Second
Cumberland at Sixth
Cumberland at Fifth
Cumberland at Fourth to Pitt & Second
Cumberland at Second
Bedford to Pitt at Second
Second at York
Augustus to Pitt at Second
Pitt at Second

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