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Pitt at Second
Sydney at Second
Fourth at Sydney
Fourth at Adolphus
Fourth at Gloucester
Fourth at Marlborough
Fourth at Baldwin
McConnell at Fifth
Cornwall Community Hospital
McConnell at Kingslea
McConnell at Oliver
McConnell at Bousquet
Eleventh at Marlborough
Marlborough at Pacific
Ninth at Marlborough
Marleau at Guy
Marleau at Carleton
Marleau at Iroquois
Lochiel at Stormont
Glengarry at Kenyon
Glengarry at Dundas
Glengarry Apartments
Glengarry at Third
Second at Glengarry
Second at Guy to Pitt & Second
Citadelle High School
McConnell at Second
McConnell at Fourth
McConnell at Fifth
Cornwall Community Hospital
Ridgewood at Valecrest
Ridgewood at Marlborough
Seventh at Gloucester
Adolphus at Seventh
540 Adolphus
Fifth at Adolphus
Fifth at Amelia
Pitt at Fifth
Pitt at Fourth
Pitt at Third
Pitt at Second

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