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Started May 30
Pitt at Second
Sydney at Second
Sydney at Fourth
Sydney at Fifth
Sydney at Sixth
Sydney at Seventh
Sydney at Eighth
Sydney at Tenth
Sydney at Vimy
Sydney at Twelfth
Sydney at Lourdes
Thirteenth at Pitt
Pitt at Sunnyside
Pitt at Jobin (Northbound)
Pitt at Emma
Pitt at Tollgate
2053 Pitt
Pitt at Wellington
2135 Pitt
Pitt at McKenzie
Eamers Corners School
Pitt at Mercier
Pitt at Carrier
Cornwall Centre Rd at Pitt
Ross at Cornwall Ctre Rd.
Ross at Mercier
Ross at McKenzie
McKenzie at Pitt
Pitt at Wellington
2036 Pitt
Pitt at Tollgate
Pitt at Jobin (Southbound)
Pitt at Fifteenth
Pitt at Fourteenth
Pitt at Crescent View
Pitt at Twelfth
Pitt at Fennel
Pitt at Ninth
Pitt at Eighth
Pitt at Seventh
Pitt at Sixth
Pitt at Fifth
Pitt at Fourth
Pitt at Third
Pitt at Second
Stop Closed Started May 30
Stop Closed at 13th St. E. and Pitt. Please use stops at Pitt and Sunnyside or Pitt and Crescent View.

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