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 •  4-Riverdale

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Pitt at Second
Cornwall Square
Water at Augustus
Water at Bedford
Water at Cumberland
Brookdale at Maple
Second at Angelo Lebano
Second at Cornwall Transit
Second at Hoople
Robertson at Second
Robertson at Leonard
Robertson at Queen
Queen at Susan
Queen at Shirley
Westmoreland at Queen
Westmoreland at Dover
Joyce at Surgenor
Joyce at Pescod
Joyce at Riverdale
Riverdale at Peter
Riverdale at Dover
Riverdale at Princess
Riverdale at Queen
Second at Riverdale
Second at Westmoreland
Second at Riverdale Terrace
Second at Frontenac
Second at Young
Second at Angelo Lebano to Walmart
Brookdale at Third
Brookdale at Fifth
Brookdale at Seventh
460 Seventh St.
Ninth St. at (Walmart)
Ninth at Cumberland
Ninth at York
Ninth at Augustus
Pitt at Ninth
Pitt at Eighth
Pitt at Seventh
Pitt at Sixth
Pitt at Fifth
Pitt at Fourth
Pitt at Third
Pitt at Second

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