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 •  26-Airline/Lipes

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Port Ayers StationStaples Street Station
SpohnSouth @SaratogaSouthside Station Bay G
2540-6657 Staples853-MacArdle at Staples
2541-Staples at Camden854-McArdle at The Shops at La
2542-Staples at Timbergate855-McArdle at Sunrise Mall
2543-Staples at Gateway856-McArdle at Airline
2544-Staples783-Airline at McArdle
Lipes at Staples784-Airline at SPID
2546-Lipes @Gingerberry785-Airline at Williams
2547-Lipes at Grape786-Airline at Orangewood
2548-Lipes at Kitty787-Airline@HiddenOaksI
2549-Lipes at Cimmaron788-Airline@HiddenOaksII
2550-Cimmaron at Veterans HSAirline at Holly
2552-Cimarron at Church790-Airline at Wilderock
2513-Cimmaron at Dunbarton1812-Cimarron at Coppedge
2554-Cimmaron @Saratoga1813-Cimarron at Bradley
2555-Cimmaron @Apts1814-Cimarron
2556-Cimmaron at Kristin1051-Cimarron at Saratoga
2557-Cimmaron@Misty1815-Cimarron at Dunbarton
2558-Airline at Meadow2524-Cimarron
Airline at Holly2525-Cimmaron
2560-Airline @Christiwood2526-Cimarron at Megan
2561-Airline at Candlewood2528-3701 Cimarron
2562-Airline at Vincent2529-Lipes at Lipes Apts
2563-Airline at Williams2530-Lipes at Brockhampton
2564-Airline at Lowes2531-Lipes at Grape
2565-Airline at Gulfway2532-5642 Lipes @Ginger
837-McArdle at Sunrise MallLipes at Staples
838-McArdle at Airline2534-Staples at Corsica
Southside Station Bay B2535-Staples at Timbergate
2536-6646 Staples
2537-Staples@Auto Parts
1804-Staples at Spohn
1805-Staples at Esplanade
1821-Wooldridge @Saratoga
Wooldridge @Saratoga
2538-Wooldridge at Patton
2539-Parkway at Esplanade
1824-Esplanade at Spohn
SpohnSouth @Saratoga

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