Corpus Christi CCRTA

 •  28-Leopard/Navigation

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To Staples Street Station
Navigation at Savage NS
Leopard at Navigation (FS)
Leopard at Cantwell
Omaha    . . .    Omaha
Leopard MB
Van Cura
851 Omaha
I37 Access Rd at Up River
Up River
Up River Rd at Erwin FS
Up River at Old Robstown Road
Crosstown Access
Sam Rankin
Staples St Station Lane M
To Navigation
Staples St Station Lane M
Comanche at Sam Rankin
Comanche at Brownlee
Comanche at Coke
Up River at Nueces Bay
Up River Road at Oak Park Ave FS
Up River Road at Westchester NS
Navigation at Savage NS

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TransSee by Darwin O'Connor. Follow on Twitter.