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 •  37-Crosstown

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Texas A&M UniversityPort @ Highland
Port at HighlandTexas A&M University
903-1005 Port457-Alameda at Ebonwood
Port at Morgan466-Ennis Joslin at Nile
905-Greenwood at Hacienda426-Nile at Momentom
130-Greenwood & BaldwinIslander at Village
131-Greenwood at Sonora9049-Ennis Joslin
132-Greenwood at Dunbar9052-Ennis Joslin @Shores
133-Greenwood at Tarlton681-McArdle at Ennis Joslin
334-Tarlton at Eisenhower682-Mcardle@Apartments
Tarlton at Sarita HEB9002-McArdle at Rodd Field
165-Port at Guadalupe824-McArdle at Hathor
166-3301 Port @Crosstown825-McArdle at Nile
167-Port across Sth gate826-McArdle at Aswan
168-3733 S. Port at MHMR827-McArdle at Clarion
169-Port at Painter828-McArdle at HaasMiddle
170-Port at Pearse829-McArdle at Woodlawn
43-Horne at Port830-McArdle at Rickey
559-Ayers at Horne831-McArdle at Bernice
Port Ayers Station Bay C832-McArdle at Prince
63-Gollihar at Kilgore833-McArdle at Crescent
64-Gollihar at Florence835-McArdle at Airline
65-Gollihar at Evelyn837-McArdle at Sunrise Mall
66-Gollihar at Brookdale838-McArdle at Airline
67-Gollihar at TownsendSouthside Station Bay H
68-Gollihar at Odem842-McArdle at Andover
Kostoryz843-McArdle at Lansdown
Kostoryz844-McArdle at Waltham
963-Gollihar at Laura845-McArdle at Wynona
737-Gollihar@Carroll Lane1627-Everhart @PregnancyC
738-Gollihar at Willow1628-Everhart at Staples
740-Gollihar @Weber707-Gollihar at Calvin
741-4101 Gollihar708-Gollihar at Carmel
742-Gollihar @Driftwood709-Gollihar at Hamlin
743-Gollihar at Carmel869-Gollihar at Dody
744-Gollihar at Calvin711-Gollihar at Weber
1109-Staples at Everhart713-Gollihar at Willow
1617-4563 Everhart714-Gollihar at Mokry Dr
1618-4801 Everhart960-Gollihar at Laura
846-McArdle at WynonaKostoryz
847-McArdle at Waltham75-Gollihar at Cottage
848-McArdle at Lansdown76-Gollihar at Hollywood
849-McArdle at Andover77-Gollihar at Townsend
850-McArdle@ Deaf Center78-Gollihar at Devon
Southside Station Bay H79-Gollihar at Christie
853-MacArdle at Staples80-Gollihar at Dinn
854-McArdle at The Shops at La89-Gollihar at Ayers
855-McArdle at Sunrise MallPort Ayers Station Bay H
856-McArdle at Airline945-Port at Post Office
857-McArdle at Airline150-Port at Pearse
858-McArdle at Crescent9027-Port at Home Depot
859-McArdle at Prince151-Port at Painter
860-McArdle at Shields152-3740 Port at Corbin
861-McArdle at Nancy153-Port at Southgate
862-McArdle at Rickey154-3302 Port @Arlington
863-McArdle at WoodlawnPort at Tarlton
864-McArdle at ClarionTarlton at Sarita HEB
865-McArdle at Meadowlane344-Tarlton at Greenwood
866-McArdle at Peterson128-Greenwood at Dunbar
867-McArdle at Limestone345-Greenwood at Easley
868-McArdle @Cherrystone346-Greenwood at Sonora
689-McArdle at RoddField347-Baldwin at Elgin
690-McArdle@Apartments352-Baldwin at Blake
692-McArdle@Ennis Joslin380-Rosewood at Morgan
9056-Ennis Joslin @LaJoya381-Highland at Rosewood
410-Ennis Joslin at Pharaoh382-Highland at Francesca
Islander Way at Izzy134-Highland at Buford
439-Nile at WavePort at Highland
9057-Ennis Joslin @Carson
Texas A&M University

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