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Penn. West - M.MallPenn West - D. Town
7th & French St (Bus Shelters)Walmart Plaza ARRIVAL
E 10th St at French St6N at YMCA Drive
State St at W 11th St NW CORNERHighland Senior Apartments
State St at Community Health NetPogue Student Center
State St opp E 16th StErie St at E Plum St
18th & STATEWalker Bros-IB
State St at WEST SIDE 21st StCunningham Dodge
State St at W 24th StRt 99 at Crane Rd-IB
Peach St at Northwest Savings BankRt 99 at Leacock Rd
Peach St at Goodrich StGM School-IB
Peach St at W 29th StRt 99 at Neyland Rd
Peach St at Myrtle OBRt 99 at Oliver Rd-IB
Peach St at Chestnut StRt 99 at Golden Rd
Peach St at W 34th StRt 99 at Greenlee Rd
Peach St at Shunpike OBRt 99 at West Rd
Peach St at Cherry St OBTRITECH & RT 99
Peach St at W 38th StRt 99 at Bargain Rd-IB
Peach St at Liberty St OBErepa Grotto Park-IB
Peach St at Averlon AveRt 99 at Pagan Rd
Peach St at Meade AveInterstate Mitsubishi
Peach St at Sheridan AveRt 99 at interchange Rd-IB
Peach St at Miller AveMillcreek Mall
Peach St at W GrandviewPeach St at Kuntz Rd
Peach St at W Gore RdPeach St at FedEx Office (Bus Shelter)
Peach St at Lehigh StPeach St at Superior Toyota
Peach Sreet at Bryant StPeach St at W 54th St
Peach St at Dudley StPeach St at Bryant St (Bus Shelter)
Peach St at W 55th StPeach St at Washington Ave
Peach St at W 56th StPeach St at W Gore Rd
Millcreek MallPeach St at W Grandview
Rt 99 at Interchange PlazaPeach St at Miller Ave
Rt 99 at Moraine DrPeach St at W Gate
TRITECH & RT 99Peach St at Hillcrest Ave
Rt 99 at Grubb RdPeach St at Merline Ave
Rt 99 at Kevin DrPeach St at Liberty St
Rt 99 at Old Rt 99Peach St at Walgreens (Bus Shelter)
Rt 99 at Golden Rd-OBPeach St at Cherry St IB
Rt 99 at Oliver RdPeach St at ShunpikeIB
Rt 99 at Old State RdPeach St at Richley St
Rt 99 at Washington Dr-GM School OBPeach St at Marsh St
Rt 99 at Crane Rd-OBPeach St at Metz St
Rt 99 at 6N-OBPeach St at Norman Way
Pogue Student CenterPeach St at Myrtle IB
Highland Senior ApartmentsPeach St at Orchard St
Walmart Plaza ARRIVALPeach St at Moorhead St
Peach St at W 26th St
State St at E 24th St
State St at E SIDE 21st St
State at 18th St
EMTA - front yard
State St at E 14th St
State St at Erie Community Credit Union
W 9th at Peach
French St at Parking Garage

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