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Fairfield Transportation CenterFairfield Walmart
W Texas St at Beck AveN Texas St at Marigold Dr
Allan Witt ParkDickson Hill Rd at N Texas St
W Texas St at 2nd StDickson Hill Rd at El Camino Dr
W Texas St at 1st StDover Ave at Dickson Hill Rd
Pennsylvania Ave at Kentucky StDoverwood Apartments
Fairfield Civic CenterCement Hill Rd at Dover Ave
Webster St at Kentucky StCement Hill Rd at Camrose Ave
Armijo High SchoolCement Hill Rd at Elmhurst Cir
Texas St at State StHawthorne Dr at N Texas St
N Texas St at Empire PlaceOrchid St at Larkspur Ln
N Texas St at E Bell StSMART at Final
N Texas St at E Travis BlvdN Texas St at Alaska Ave
N Texas Street at Acacia StreetN Texas St at Pacific Ave
N Texas St at E Tabor AveN Texas St at E Tabor Ave
N Texas St at E Pacific AveN Texas St at Acacia Street
N Texas St at Alaska AveN Texas St at Travis Blvd
N Texas St at Air Base ParkwayN Texas Street at Bell Avenue
Fairfield WalmartN Texas St at E Tennessee St
Texas St at Clay St
Armijo High School
Kentucky St at Webster St
Fairfield Civic Center
W Texas St at Pennsylvania Ave
W Texas St at Gregory St
W Texas St at 5th St
Fairfield Transportation Center

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