Foothill Transit

 •  284 West Covina - Glendora

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284: Glendora Citrus College
Eastland Center
Barranca Ave at Rowland Ave N
Puente St
Barranca Ave N
Grand Ave N
Farber Ave N
Glendora Ave    . . .    Glendora Ave
Badillo St N
Ruddock St N
Wingate St N
Cypress St N
Covina Blvd N
Covina Blvd at Mangrove Ave N
Covina Blvd at Bonnie Cove Ave N
Covina Blvd & Lyman Ave N
Covina Blvd    . . .    Covina Blvd
Sunflower Ave N
1630 Covina Blvd N
Valley Center Ave N
Hospital Entrance N
Lone Hill Ave    . . .    Lone Hill Ave
Covina Blvd N
Cienega Ave N
Arrow Hwy N
Overland Ct W
Gladstone St N
Lone Hill Park at Ride W
Lone Hill Ave
Petunia St W
Kenoma St W
Route 66 S
Palopinto Ave N
Foothill Blvd    . . .    Foothill Blvd
Lone Hill Ave S
Whispering Oaks Dr N
Valley Center Ave N
Loraine Ave N
Elwood Ave N
Live Oak Ave N
Minnesota Ave N
Glendora Ave at Foothill Blvd S
Glendora Ave at Ada Ave S
Route 66    . . .    Route 66    . . .    Route 66
Glendora Ave W
Vermont Ave W
Grand Ave W
Forestdale Ave W
Barranca Ave W
Calera Ave W
Citrus Ave at Route 66 W
Citrus Ave at Foothill Blvd N
Citrus College North (Foothill Blvd at Galanto E)
284: West Covina
Citrus College North (Foothill Blvd at Galanto E)
Route 66
Vecino Dr E
Grand Ave E
Vermont Ave E
Glendora Ave
Route 66 N
Ada Ave N
Foothill Blvd N
Foothill Blvd    . . .    Foothill Blvd
Minnesota Ave S
Live Oak Ave S
Elwood Ave S
Loraine Ave S
Valley Center Ave E
Gordon Ave S
Lone Hill Ave S
Lone Hill Ave
Palopinto Ave S
Route 66 E
Kenoma St E
Petunia St E
Lone Hill AVe at Gladstone St S
Lone Hill Ave at Las Colinas S
Lone Hill ave at Arrow Hwy S
Lone Hill Ave at Cienega Ave S
Covina Blvd    . . .    Covina Blvd    . . .    Covina Blvd
Lone Hill Ave
Kimberly Ave
Valley Center Ave S
1635 Covina Blvd. S
Sunflower Ave S
Lyman Ave S
Bonnie Cove Ave S
Mangrove Ave S
Glendora Ave    . . .    Glendora Ave
Covina Blvd S
Cypress St S
Wingate St S
Ruddock St S
Badillo St S
Dexter St S
Puente St at Farber Ave S
Puente St at Grand Ave S
Barranca Ave at Puente St S
Rowland Ave at Barranca Ave N
Rowland Ave at Second Ave N
Citrus Ave at Rowland Ave S
Eastland Center

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