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Belfort Rd.    . . .    Belfort Rd.
Belfort Pkwy. ns
4905 Belfort Rd.
AC Skinner Pkwy. ns
4875 Belfort Rd.
St. Lukes Hospital
4225 Southpoint Pkwy.
Southpoint Dr. at Southpoint Blvd.
6737 Southpoint Dr.
Southpoint Dr. at Salisbury Rd.
Salisbury Rd.
Old Salisbury Rd.
4121 Salisbury Rd.
4000 Salisbury Rd.
Southpoint Pkwy. ns
Southpoint Pkwy. at 95 Corporate Center Blvd.
6425 Southpoint Pkwy.
Southpoint Pkwy at Bowden Rd.
Bowden Rd. at Spring Park Rd.
Spring Park and Univeristy NB NS
University Blvd. at Richard St. sb fs
University Hub
University Blvd.    . . .    University Blvd.
Powers Ave.
St. Augustine Rd. ns
St. Augustine Rd. fs
Graywood Rd.
opp. Colgate Rd.
Auburn Rd.
Stanford Rd.
San Jose Blvd.    . . .    San Jose Blvd.    . . .    San Jose Blvd.
Cornell Rd.
Flanders Rd.
Arcadia Dr.
opp. Riverburch Ln.
Peachtree Cir. S.
4445 San Jose Blvd.
Peachtree Cir. N.
4021 San Jose Blvd.
3933 San Jose Blvd.
Hendricks Ave.    . . .    Hendricks Ave.    . . .    Hendricks Ave.
Emerson St.
Parkwood St.
3407 Hendricks Ave.
Felch Ave.
Dunsford Rd.
Lorimer Rd.
Pineridge Rd.
Marco Pl.
San Marco Blvd. at Balis Pl.
867 San Marco Blvd. at opp. Largo Rd.
San Marco Blvd. at Landon Ave.
San Marco Blvd. at Riviera St.
San Marco Blvd. at LaSalle St.
Cedar St. at Palm St.
Le Baron Ave. at Childrens Way
Palm Ave. at Prudential Dr. ns nb
San Marco Blvd. at Prudential Dr.
Bay St. at Jefferson St. fs wb
↓To Southpoint
Forsyth St. at Jefferson St. ns eb
Palm Ave. at Prudential Dr. fs sb
Childrens Way at Le Baron Ave.
Le Baron Ave. at Cedars St.
Cedar St. at San Marco Blvd.
San Marco Blvd.    . . .    San Marco Blvd.
LaSalle St.
Laverne St. ns
Landon Ave.
Largo Rd.
Naldo Ave.
Balis Pl.
Hendricks Ave.    . . .    Hendricks Ave.
Marco Pl.
River Oaks Rd.
Dunsford Rd.
Felch Ave.
3400 Hendricks Ave.
Pinetree Rd.
Emerson St.
San Jose Blvd.    . . .    San Jose Blvd.
3930 San Jose Blvd.
London Rd.
Peachtree Cir. N.
4446 San Jose Blvd.
San Amaro Rd.
Heritage Manor Dr.
opp. Cornell Rd.
University Blvd.    . . .    University Blvd.
opp. Stanford Rd.
opp. Auburn Rd.
Colgate Rd.
Swanne Rd.
St. Augustine Rd.
St. Augustine Rd. fs
Powers Ave.
University Hub
University Blvd. at Richards St. nb ns
Spring Park and University SB FS
Bowden Rd. at Pepsi Pl.
Southpoint Pkwy.
Bowden Rd.
6440 Southpoint Pkwy.
95 Corporate Center Blvd.
Salisbury Rd.
Salisbury Rd.
Charing St.
4237 Salisbury Rd.
Old Salisbury Rd.
Southpoint Dr.
6737 Southpoint Dr.
Southpoint Dr. at Southpoint Blvd. ns
Southpoint Dr. N. at Southpoint Pwky. ns eb
Southpoint Pkwy. at Belfort Rd.
Belfort Rd. at AC Skiner Pwky. ns sb
Belfort Rd. at Belfort Pkwy. ns

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