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Stop List
Route Vehicles
ReddendaleCataraqui Centre/Cataraqui Woods
Birchwood at Peachwood StreetDays at Centre 70 Park and Ride
Birchwood at Brackenwood CrescentFront at Reddendale Plaza
Cedarwood at Cataraqui Woods DriveFront at Crystal Springs
706 Cedarwood DriveChelsea at Cranbrook Street
Cedarwood at Redwood Crescent172 Glen Castle Road
Cedarwood at Pinewood PlaceGlen Castle at Camberley Crescent
Cedarwood at Basswood Place234 Glen Castle Road
Bayridge at Princess Street290 Glen Castle Road
Bayridg at Princess StreetGlen Castle at Henderson Boulevard
2697 Princess Street420 Glen Castle Road
Midland at Norwest RoadKnightsbridge at Roosevelt Drive
Cataraqui Centre Transfer Point Platform 8Roosevelt at Vista Drive
860 Norwest Road672 Roosevelt Drive
Norwest at Ridley DriveRoosevelt at Springfield Drive
Ridley at Sutton Mills CourtAcadia at Evangeline Avenue
Ridley at Old Colony RoadAcadia at Sackville Crescent
938 Old Colony RoadAcadia at Citation Crescent
Old Colony at Bayridge DriveWalden at Acadia Drive
Taylor-Kidd at Bayridge CentreWalden at Coverdale Drive
Taylor-Kidd at Strand BoulevardCoverdale at Stoneridge Drive
Taylor-Kidd at Liston DriveBath at Vista Drive
Liston at Lancaster DriveBath at Frontenac Secondary School
Lancaster at Strand BoulevardBath at McEwen Drive
Lancaster at Rowantree CrescentGardiners Centre Transfer Point
Lancaster at Newhall DriveDevelopment at Gardiners Road
Limestone at Lancaster DriveDevelopment at Justus Drive
Limestone at Woodbine RoadDevelopment at McKay Street
Woodbine at Holy Cross SecondaryDevelopment at Truedell Road
Woodbine at Katharine CrescentDevelopment at Hudson Drive
Woodbine at Mona DriveHudson at Hudson Park
Mona at Palmerston CrescentHudson at Bayridge Drive
Mona at Humberside DriveHudson at Holgate Crescent
Mona at Lynwood DriveHudson at Bayridge Park
Mona at Woodside DriveHudson at Downing Street
Collins Bay at Aylmer Crescent1116 Hudson Drive
809 Aylmer CrescentHudson at Mona Drive
761 Aylmer CrescentHillside at High Gate Park Drive
723 Aylmer CrescentPrince Charles at Brookside Drive
1385 Waverley CrescentWaverley at Edwin Street
1347 Waverley Crescent1346 Waverley Crescent
Waverley at Edwin Street1386 Waverley Crescent
Prince Charles at Glen Cove StreetAylmer at Clark Crescent
Prince Charles at High Gate Park Dr.768 Aylmer Crescent
Hudson at Mona Drive808 Aylmer Crescent
1121 Hudson DriveAylmer at Collins Bay Road
Hudson at Downing StreetMona at Woodside Drive
1055 Hudson DriveMona at Dunham Street
Hudson at Holgate Crescent988 Mona Drive
Hudson at Bayridge Drive1036 Mona Drive
Hudson at Hudson ParkMona at Woodbine Road
917 Development DriveWoodbine at Katharine Crescent
Development at Truedell RoadWoodbine at Holy Cross Secondary
Development at McKay StreetLancaster at Chancery Street
Development at Justus Drive917 Lancaster Drive
Development at Gardiners RoadLancaster at Chancery Street
Gardiners Centre Transfer PointLancaster at Bridle Path Crescent
Bath at McEwen DriveListon at Taylor-Kidd Boulevard
Bath at Frontenac Secondary SchoolTaylor-Kidd at Sexton Lane
Bath at Vista DriveBayridge at Bayridge Centre
Coverdale at Stoneridge DriveOld Colony at Bayridge Drive
Walden at Coverdale DriveOld Colony at Purcell Crescent
Acadia at 1189 Acadia DriveOld Colony at Ridley Drive
Acadia at Sackville CrescentRidley at Sutton Mills Court
1071 Acadia DriveRidley at Norwest Road
717 Roosevelt DriveMidland at Norwest Road
Roosevelt at Tanglewood DriveCataraqui Centre Transfer Point Platform 4
543 Roosevelt DriveMidland at Norwest Road
425 Knightsbridge Road2698 Princess Street
419 Glen Castle RoadBayridg at Princess Street
Glen Castle at Henderson BoulevardBayridge at Princess Street
Glen Castle at Chelsea RoadCedarwood at Basswood Place
263 Chelsea RoadCedarwood at Sprucewood Crescent
Chelsea at Glen Castle RoadCedarwood at Redwood Crescent
Cranbrook at Lakeview AvenueCedarwood at Hickorywood Crescent
Days at Centre 70 Park and RideCedarwood at Cataraqui Woods Drive
Birchwood at Brackenwood Crescent
Birchwood at Peachwood Street
Birchwood at Sierra Avenue
Tivoli at Sierra Avenue
1281 Midland Avenue
1245 Midland Avenue
Midland at Cataraqui Woods Drive
Midland at Walmart
Midland at Loblaws
Midland at Norwest Road
Cataraqui Centre Transfer Point Platform 4
Midland at Norwest Road
Midland at Loblaws
Midland at Walmart
Midland at Cataraqui Woods Drive
1281 Midland Avenue
Tivoli at Sierra Avenue
Sierra at Birchwood Drive
Birchwood at Peachwood Street

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Started Jul 18 2022 Until Jan 17 2038

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