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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Edison MallMichigan Links
Marsh Ave at Michigan Ave LinkEdison Mall Transfer
Michigan Ave Link at Michigan AveEdison Mall Dr at Solomon Blvd
Health Dept.-WWnklr Ave at Broadway Ave
Michigan Ave@ Diego St-WWnklr Ave at Central Ave
Michigan Ave at Shoemaker BlvdEvans Ave at Wnklr Ave 1
Shoemaker Blvd@ Michigan Ave-SEvans Ave at Wnklr Ave 2
Shoemaker Blvd at B StEvans Ave@ Park Windsor Dr 1-N
Shoemaker Blvd at Dale St 1Evans Ave@ Park Windsor Dr 2-N
Shoemaker Blvd at Dale St 2Evans Ave at Carrell Rd
Shoemaker Blvd at Edison AveFowler St at Carrell Rd
Edison Ave at Highland AveFowler St@ Hunter St-N
Edison Ave@ Midway Ave-WFowler St@ Moreno Ave-N
Edison Ave@ Henderson Ave-WFowler St@ Hanson St-N
Edison Ave@ Ford St-WFowler St@ Maple Ave-N
Edison Ave@ Wright St-WFowler St at Canal St
Edison Ave@ Pauldo St-WFowler St@ Stella St-N
Stars Complex-WFowler Str - South Str
Edison Ave at Crawford StFowler St@ Franklin St-N
Edison Ave at Royal Palm AveEdison Ave at Royal Palm Ave
Edison Ave at Central Ave 1Edison Ave at Central Ave 1
Edison Ave at Jackson St 1Edison Ave at Jackson St 1
Jackson St at Crawford StJackson St at Crawford St
Rosa Parks Transportation Ctr WRosa Parks Transportation Ctr W
Jackson St at Hoople StJackson St at Hoople St
Edison Ave at Jackson St 2Edison Ave at Jackson St 2
Edison Ave at Central Ave 2Edison Ave at Central Ave 2
Edison Ave at Fowler StEdison Ave at Fowler St
Fowler St@ Franklin St-SEdison Ave at Palm Ave
Fowler St at South StStars Complex-E
Fowler St@ Stella St-SEdison Ave@ Pauldo St-E
Fowler St@ Maple Ave-SEdison Ave@ Wright St-E
Fowler St@ Hanson St-SEdison Ave@ Ford St-E
Fowler St@ Moreno Ave-SEdison Ave@ Henderson Ave-E
Fowler St@ Hunter St-SEdison Ave@ Midway Ave-E
Carrell Rd at Fowler StEdison Ave - Highland Ave
Carrell Rd at Evans AveShoemaker Blvd - Edison Ave
Evans Ave@ Park Windsor Dr 1-SShoemaker Blvd at Mlk Blvd
Evans Ave@ Park Windsor Dr 2-SShoemaker Blvd at Dale St
Evans Ave at Wnklr AveShoemaker Blvd@ Michigan Ave-N
Wnklr Ave at Fowler St 1Michigan Ave at Bert Dr
Wnklr Ave at Fowler St 2Michigan Ave@ Diego St-E
Solomon Blvd at Wnklr AveHealth Dept.-E
Edison Mall at Perimeter RoadMichigan Ave at Michigan Ave Link
Edison Mall TransferMichigan Ave at Marsh Ave
Marsh Ave at Michigan Ave Link

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TransSee by Darwin O'Connor. Follow on Twitter.