Fort Myers LeeTran

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Edison MallHomestead Plaza
Plaza at Homestead Rd NEdison Mall Transfer
Homstd at Plaza-Nb1Colonial Blvd at Solomon Blvd-E
Homestead Rd N at Shady StColonial Blvd at Evans Ave-Eb1
Lee Blvd at Hazelwood Ave S-WColonial Blvd at Evans Ave-Eb2
Lee Blvd at 1st St WColonial Blvd at Metro Pkwy-Eb1
Lee Blvd at Bella Ct-WColonial Blvd at Metro Pkwy-Eb2
Walmart-WColonial Blvd at Deer Rn Farms Rd
Lee Blvd at Ida Ave N-WColonial Blvd at Camino Real Way
Lee Blvd at Joan Ave N-WColonial Blvd at Wnklr Ave Ext
Lee Blvd at Sunshine BlvdColonial Blvd at Wnklr Ave
Lee Blvd at Sara Ave N-WColonial Blvd at Rolfes Rd
Lee Blvd at Terry Ave NColonial Blvd at Forum Blvd-E
Lee Blvd at Xelda Ave NColonial Blvd at Treeline Ave
Lee Blvd at Brian Ave NLee Blvd at Sr 82
Lee Blvd at Colin Ave N-WLee Blvd at Silver Birch Way
Lee Blvd at Douglas AveLee Blvd at Leonard Blvd N-E
Lee Blvd at Gunnery Rd N-WLee Blvd at Westgate Blvd
Lee Blvd at Harry Ave NLee Blvd at Abrams Blvd
Lee Blvd at Jack Ave N-WLee Blvd at Aim Ave-E
Lee Blvd at Sixth CtLee Blvd at Lee St
Lee Blvd at Aim Ave-WLee Blvd at Jack Ave N-E
Lee Blvd at 8th St SLee Blvd at Harold Ave N
Lee Blvd at Alvin AveLee Blvd at Gunnery Rd N-E
Lee Blvd at Leonard Blvd N-WLee Blvd at Douglas Ave N
Lee Blvd at Olympia Pointe BlvdLee Blvd at Colin Ave N-E
Colonial Blvd at Sr 82Lee Blvd at Bruce Ave N
Colonial Blvd at Treeline AveLee Blvd at Yvonne Ave N
Colonial Blvd at Forum Blvd-WLee Blvd at Terry Ave N
Colonial Blvd at Colonial Ctr DrLee Blvd at Sara Ave N-E
Colonial Blvd at Wnklr AveLee Blvd at Sunshine Blvd N
Colonial Blvd at Challenger BlvdLee Blvd at Joan Ave N-E
Colonial Blvd and Ambrosia DriveLee Blvd at Ida Ave N-E
Colonial Blvd - Shoemaker BlvdWalmart-E
Colonial Blvd at Kernel CirLee Blvd at Bella Ct-E
Colonial Blvd at Metro Pkwy-WLee Blvd at Hazelwood Ave S-Eb1
Colonial Blvd at Evans Ave-WLee Blvd at Hazelwood Ave S-Eb2
Colonial Blvd at Fowler StHomestead Rd N at Irondale St E
Colonial Blvd at Solomon Blvd-WHomstd at Plaza-S
Edison Mall Dr at Colonial BlvdHomstd at Taylor Ln Ext
Edison Mall TransferWestminster St at Homestead Rd N
Broad St N at Broad St W-E
Broad St N at Broad St W-W
Broad St W at Woodward Ct
Woodward Ct at Sunshine Way
Woodward Ct at Beth Stacey Blvd
Bth Stacy Blvd at Kenilworth Blvd
Business Way at Plaza
Plaza at Homestead Rd N

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