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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Cape Transfer CtrCamelot IslesEdison Mall
Edison Mall TransferEdison Mall TransferS49th Ter at S16th Pl
Edison Mall Dr at Colonial BlvdEdison Mall Dr at Colonial BlvdS17th Pl at S49th Ter
Colonial Blvd at Deleon StColonial Blvd at Deleon StChiquita Blvd S at S47th Ter-S
Colonial Blvd at Bowling Grn Blvd-EColonial Blvd at Bowling Grn Blvd-EChiquita Blvd S at S44th Ter-N
Colonial Blvd at Sommerset DrColonial Blvd at Sommerset DrChiquita Blvd S at S43rd St
S17th Pl at Veterans PkwyS17th Pl at Veterans PkwyMohawk Pkwy at S15th Pl-E
S21st Ln at S17th PlS21st Ln at S17th PlMohawk Pkwy at S12th Pl
Coralwood Mall at S22nd LnCoralwood Mall at S22nd LnCape Coral Library -E
Del Prado Blvd S at Veterans Pkwy-SDel Prado Blvd S at Veterans Pkwy-SMohawk Pkwy at Skyline Blvd-E
Country Club Blvd at S27th StCountry Club Blvd at S27th StSkyline Blvd at S40th Ter
Country Club Blvd at S28th Ter-SCountry Club Blvd at S28th Ter-SSkyline Blvd at S42nd Ter
Country Club Blvd at S30th TerCountry Club Blvd at S30th TerSkyline Blvd at S44th St
Country Club Blvd at S31st Ter-SCountry Club Blvd at S31st Ter-SSkyline Blvd at S47th St-S
Country Club Blvd at S32nd St-SCountry Club Blvd at S32nd St-SCc Pwky at Skyline Blvd-W
Country Club Blvd at S33rd TerCountry Club Blvd at S33rd TerCc Pwky at S5th Pl-E
Country Club Blvd at S34th Ter-SCountry Club Blvd at S34th Ter-SCc Pwky at Pelican Blvd-Eb1
Country Club Blvd at S36th St-SCountry Club Blvd at S36th St-SCc Pwky at Pelican Blvd-Eb2
Country Club Blvd at Wildwood LnCountry Club Blvd at Wildwood LnCc Pwky at S2nd Ave-E
Country Club Blvd at S9th Ct-Sb1Country Club Blvd at S9th Ct-Sb1Cc Pwky at Santa Barbara Blvd-E
Country Club Blvd at S9th Ct-Sb2Country Club Blvd at S9th Ct-Sb2Cape Coral Pkwy at Triton Ct W
Country Club Blvd at S38th Ter-SCountry Club Blvd at S38th Ter-SCc Pwky at Lucaya Dr
Country Club Blvd at S40th St-SCountry Club Blvd at S40th St-SCc Pwky at Sunset Ct
Country Club Blvd at S8th PlCountry Club Blvd at S8th PlCc Pwky at Tarpon Ct
Country Club Blvd at S7th PlCountry Club Blvd at S7th PlCape Coral Transfer Center
Country Club Blvd at S5th Ave-SCountry Club Blvd at S5th Ave-S47 Ter at Coronado Pkwy-W
Country Club Blvd at S43rd St-SCountry Club Blvd at S43rd St-S47 Ter at S6th Ave-W
Palm Tree Blvd at S46th TerPalm Tree Blvd at S46th Ter47 Ter at Palm Tree Blvd
47 Ter at S4th Pl47 Ter at S4th PlPalm Tree Blvd at Cntry Club Blvd
47 Ter at S6th Ave-E47 Ter at S6th Ave-ECountry Club Blvd at S5th Ave-Nb1
47 Ter at Coronado Pkwy-E47 Ter at Coronado Pkwy-ECountry Club Blvd at S43rd St-N
Miramar St at York StCape Coral Transfer CenterCountry Club Blvd at S5th Ave-Nb2
Miramar St at Viceroy St-Eb1Cc Pwky at Coronado PkwyCountry Club Blvd at S8th Ave
Miramar St at Viceroy St-Eb2Cc Pwky at Triton Ct ECountry Club Blvd at S9th Ave
Leonard St at Cc PwkyCc Pwky at S6th AveCountry Club Blvd at S40th St-N
Cc Pwky at S10th PlCc Pwky at Palm Tree BlvdCountry Club Blvd at S38th Ter-N
Cape Coral Transfer CenterCc Pwky at Lucaya DrCountry Club Blvd at S9th Ct-N
Cc Pwky at S2nd CtCountry Club Blvd at S36th St-N
Cc Pwky at Santa Barbara Blvd-WCountry Club Blvd at S34th Ter-N
Cc Pwky at S2nd Ave-WCountry Club Blvd at S33rd St
Cc Pwky at Pelican Blvd-WCountry Club Blvd at S32nd St-N
Cc Pwky at Pelican BlvdCountry Club Blvd at S31st Ter-N
Cc Pwky at Skyline Blvd-ECountry Club Blvd at S29th Ter
Skyline Blvd at S47th Ter-Nb1Country Club Blvd at S28th Ter-N
Skyline Blvd at S47th St-NCountry Club Blvd at S26th Ter
Skyline Blvd at S45th StDel Prado Blvd S at Veterans Pkwy-N
Skyline Blvd at S43rd LnCoralwood Mall at S22nd Ln
Skyline Blvd at S43rd TerColonial Blvd at Summerlin Rd
Skyline Blvd at S40th TerColonial Blvd at Church Ln
Cape Coral Library -WColonial Blvd at Bowling Grn Blvd-W
Mohawk Pkwy at S13th AveColonial Blvd at Tilton Ct
Mohawk Pkwy at S15th Pl-WCleveland Ave at Colonial Blvd
Chiquita Blvd S at S43rd StEdison Mall Transfer
Chiquita Blvd S at S44th Ter-S
Chiquita Blvd S at S47th Ter-N
Chiquita Blvd S at S48th Ter
S49th Ter at S16th Pl

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