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 •  Route 420

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Bay Road
Estero Blvd    . . .    Estero Blvd    . . .    Estero Blvd    . . .    Estero Blvd
Bowditch Park
Pink Shell Resort
Matanzas St
Lagoon St
Times Square
Avenue C
Alva Dr
Virginia Ave
Fairweather Ln
Gulf Beach Rd
Bay Rd - Estero Blvd
Bowditch Point Park
Bay Rd - Estero Blvd
Estero Blvd    . . .    Estero Blvd
School St
Gulf Beach Rd
Mango St
Virginia Ave
Carolina Ave
Palermo Cir
Crescent St at Estero Blvd
First St at Old San Carlos Blvd
Estero Blvd
Lagoon St
Carlos Circle
Windwrd Passge Rst
Estero Blvd - Pink Shell Resort
Estero Blvd at Bowditch Park

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