Fort Myers LeeTran

 •  Route 590

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
M Xing via Suncoast
N Tamiami Trail at Stockton St
N Cleveland Ave at Dyke Ave
N Cleveland Ave at Saturn Cir
N Cleveland Ave at Leesure Ln
N Cleveland Ave at North Fork Dr
N Tamiami Trl at Island Vista Dr
N Tamiami Trl at Arrowhead Blvd
N Tamiami Trl at Laurel Dr
Laurel Dr at Teakwood Blvd
Laurel Dr at Winona Dr
Laurel Ln at N Second St
Laurel Dr at Garden St
Laurel Dr at Rupert Ln
Gage Way at Laurel Ln
Laurel Ln at Ebson Dr
Mcdaniel Dr at Laurel Ln
Mcdaniel Dr at Cantor Ln
Mcdaniel Dr at Gish Ln
Gish Ln - Marx Dr
Gish Ln - Ebson Dr
Ebson Dr at Case Ln
Ebson Dr at Payne Ln
Ebson Dr at Tucker Ln
Tucker Ln at Mcdaniel Dr
Tucker Ln at Hart Rd
Hart Rd at Payne Ln
Hart Rd at Case Ln
Hart Rd at Gish Ln
Hart Rd at Griffin Ln
Hart Rd at Cantor Ln
Hart Rd at Laurel Dr
Hart Rd at Bahia Ln
Hart Rd at Zoysia Ln
Hart Rd at Forest Park Dr
Hart Rd at Conestoga Trl
Bayshore Rd at Hart Rd
Bayshore Rd at Whaleys Dr
Bayshore Rd at Flamingo Dr
Bayshore Rd - Donald Rd
Bayshore at Coon
Bayshore Rd at Coon Rd
Bayshore Rd at Twin Brooks Rd
Bayshore Rd at Lantern Ln
Bayshore Rd at Shoreline Blvd
Bayshore Rd at Hart Rd
Bayshore Rd at Carriage Ln
Bayshore Rd at Washington Dr
Bayshore Rd at N Evalena Ln
Bayshore Rd at Ixora Dr
Bayshore Rd at Crescent Lake Dr
N Tamiami Trl - Powell Dr
Nfm Library
N Tamiami Trl - Pine Island Rd
Pine Island Rd at N Tamiami Trl
Pine Island Rd at Piney Rd
Pine Island Rd at Pacific Ave
Pine Island Rd at Woodward Ave
N Tamiami Trail at Stockton St

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