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 •  Route 595

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Pondella Rd v Va Clinic
N Tamiami Trail at Stockton St
Va Hospital at Va Hospital
Littleton Rd
Corbett Rd
Horizon Blvd
Windmill Blvd
N Tamiami Trail at Stockton St
Pine Island Rd at Judd Creek Blvd
Pine Islnd Rd at Comm. Creek Blvd
Pine Island Rd - Commrc Crk Blvd
Pine Island Road at Northeast 23 Ave
NE pine Island Rd at Del Pine Dr
Del Prado Blvd N at NE 7th St
NE 6th St at Del Prado Blvd S
NE 19th Pl at NE 6th St
Pondella Rd    . . .    Pondella Rd    . . .    Pondella Rd    . . .    Pondella Rd    . . .    Pondella Rd
Hibiscus Dr
Westwood Dr
NE 25th Ave
NE 25th Ave
July Cir
June Pkwy
June Pkwy
Green Ave
Travis Ave
Moody Rd
Betmar Blvd
Palm Ave
Pinecrest St
River Rd
N Tamiami Trl at Pondella Rd
N Tamiami Trl at Brooks Rd
N Tamiami Trl at Crescent Lake Dr
West Mariana
N Tamiami Trl
Piney Rd
Many Rd
N Cleveland Ave
N Cleveland Ave at Brown Rd
N Tamiami Trail at Stockton St

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