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Route 3 Detour Started Jan 16 Until Jan 1 3000
Route 3 Detour Started Jan 16 Until Jan 1 3000
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
Downtown via HamiltonArgyle Mall via Hamilton
Argyle Mall SB - Stop 1Richmond south of Queens
Clarke at Churchill King at Richmond
Clarke at WavellKing west of Wellington
Clarke at RoyalWellington at York
Clarke at SudburyHorton at Wellington
Clarke north of TrafalgarHorton at Colborne
Clarke south of TrafalgarHorton at Maitland
Clarke at CharterhouseHamilton at William
Clarke at FirestoneHamilton at Adelaide
Clarke & Gore NSHamilton at Mamelon
Clarke & Bayview NSHamilton at Rectory
Clarke & PensionHamilton at Sackville
Hamilton at ClarkeHamilton at Egerton
Hamilton at CrimsonHamilton at Tennyson
Hamilton at River RunHamilton at St. Julien
Hamilton at BraesydeHamilton at Pine Lawn
Hamilton opp Oaklands TowerHamilton at Giles
Hamilton at Valleyview AppartmentsHamilton at Highbury
Hamilton at WatmarHamilton at Norlan
Hamilton at YMCAHamilton west of Meadowlilly
Hamilton at FairmontHamilton east of Meadowlilly
Hamilton at HaleHamilton at Watmar
Hamilton at HighburyHamilton at Gore
Hamilton at GilesHamilton west of Braesyde
Hamilton at EastHamilton east of Braesyde
Hamilton at St. JulienHamilton at River Run Terrace
Hamilton at ElmHamilton at Crimson
Hamilton at EgertonClarke at Hamilton
Hamilton at SackvilleClarke & Pension
Hamilton at RectoryClarke & Bayview FS
Hamilton at Little GreyClarke at Gore
Hamilton at AdelaideClarke at Firestone
Hamilton at WilliamMarconi Club
Horton at HamiltonClarke at Charterhouse
Horton at ColborneClarke north of Trafalgar
Horton at WaterlooClarke at Royal
Wellington North of HortonSunrise Baptist Church
Wellington at YorkClarke Road Secondary School
Wellington South of Dundas StClarke at Churchill
Queens at ClarenceArgyle Mall SB - Stop 1
Richmond south of Queens

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