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Route 5 Detour Started Jan 16 Until Jan 1 3000
Route 5 Detour Started Jan 16 Until Jan 1 3000
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
5b Byron via Gardenwood5a Byron via Springbank5a Downtown via Springbank5b Downtown via Gardenwood
Argyle Mall SB - Stop 1Argyle Mall SB - Stop 1Commissioners east of Halls MillsCommissioners east of Halls Mills
Clarke at Churchill Clarke at Churchill Commissioners at StephenCommissioners at Stephen
Clarke at WavellClarke at WavellGriffith at CommissionersGriffith at Commissioners
Clarke at RoyalClarke at RoyalGriffith at Helena MontagueGriffith at Helena Montague
Clarke north of TrafalgarClarke north of TrafalgarGriffith at NormanGriffith at Norman
Clarke south of TrafalgarClarke south of TrafalgarGriffith at Byron BaselineGriffith at Byron Baseline
Clarke at CharterhouseClarke at CharterhouseGriffith at FairlaneGriffith at Fairlane
Clarke at FirestoneClarke at FirestoneBoler MountainBoler Mountain
Clarke & Gore NSClarke & Gore NSGriffith at WiddicombGriffith at Widdicomb
Gore at FirestoneGore at FirestoneGriffith at RobinwoodGriffith at Robinwood
Gore at BraesideGore at BraesideGriffith at BolerGriffith at Boler
Montabello at GoreMontabello at GoreBoler at GriffithBoler at Griffith
Montabello at FundyMontabello at FundyBoler at Wayne RoadBoler at Wayne Road
Montabello at TweedsmuirMontabello at TweedsmuirBoler at Byron BaselineBoler at Byron Baseline
Manitoulin at TweedsmuirManitoulin at TweedsmuirBoler at GlenroseBoler at Glenrose
Tweedsmuir at Court Lane EastTweedsmuir at Court Lane EastBoler south of CommissionersBoler south of Commissioners
Tweedsmuir at Court Lane WestTweedsmuir at Court Lane WestCommissioners at BolerCommissioners at Boler
Tweedsmuir at EllesworthTweedsmuir at EllesworthCommissioners at Springbank ParkCommissioners at Springbank Park
Tweedsmuir at JasperTweedsmuir at JasperCommissioners at NashuaCommissioners at Nashua
Tweedsmuir at Hale Tweedsmuir at Hale Commissioners at NorthCommissioners at North
Hale at MageeHale at MageeSpringbank at Commissioners WSpringbank at Commissioners W
Hale at EllsworthHale at Ellsworth928 Springbank928 Springbank
Hamilton at HaleHamilton at HaleSpringbank at WestmountSpringbank at Westmount
Hamilton at HighburyHamilton at HighburySpringbank at Hillcrest DrSpringbank at Hillcrest Dr
Hamilton at GilesHamilton at GilesSpringbank at Jarvis StSpringbank at Jarvis St
Hamilton at EastHamilton at EastSpringbank at QuinellaSpringbank at Quinella
Hamilton at St. JulienHamilton at St. JulienSpringbank at Wonderland Springbank at Wonderland
Hamilton at ElmHamilton at ElmSpringbank at Berkshire Dr FS 1Berkshire at Springbank
Hamilton at EgertonHamilton at Egerton492 SpringbankBerkshire at Berkshire Place
Hamilton at SackvilleHamilton at SackvilleSpringbank at Mary AveBerkshire north of Gardenwood
Hamilton at RectoryHamilton at RectorySpringbank at Kernohan ParkwayGardenwood at Berkshire
Hamilton at Little GreyHamilton at Little GreySpringbank at Greenwood57 Gardenwood
Hamilton at AdelaideHamilton at AdelaideSpringbank at GreensideGardenwood at Ridgewood
Hamilton at WilliamHamilton at WilliamSpringbank at SpringbankKernohan at Ridgewood Cres
Horton at HamiltonHorton at HamiltonHorton west of WharncliffeSpringbank at Kernohan Parkway
Horton at ColborneHorton at ColborneStanley at WharncliffeSpringbank at Greenwood
Horton at WaterlooHorton at WaterlooStanley at PerrySpringbank at Greenside
Wellington North of HortonWellington North of HortonStanley at WortleySpringbank at Springbank
Wellington at YorkWellington at YorkYork at ThamesHorton west of Wharncliffe
Wellington South of Dundas StWellington South of Dundas StRidout at YorkStanley at Wharncliffe
Queens at ClarenceQueens at ClarenceKing at TalbotStanley at Perry
Queens at RichmondQueens at RichmondKing at RichmondStanley at Wortley
Ridout at KingRidout at KingKing west of WellingtonYork at Thames
Ridout at YorkRidout at YorkWellington at YorkRidout at York
York at ThamesYork at ThamesHorton at WellingtonKing at Talbot
Horton west of WharncliffeHorton west of WharncliffeHorton at ColborneKing at Richmond
Horton west of Wharncliffe 2Horton west of Wharncliffe 2Horton at MaitlandKing west of Wellington
Horton at SpringbankHorton at SpringbankHamilton at WilliamWellington at York
Springbank at GreensideSpringbank at GreensideHamilton at AdelaideHorton at Wellington
Springbank at Forest HillSpringbank at Forest HillHamilton at MamelonHorton at Colborne
Springbank at ChelseaSpringbank at ChelseaHamilton at RectoryHorton at Maitland
Kernohan at Springbank DrSpringbank at Kernohan PkwyHamilton at SackvilleHamilton at William
Ridgewood at KernohanSpringbank at Mary AveHamilton at EgertonHamilton at Adelaide
Gardenwood east of RidgewoodSpringbank at TrowbridgeHamilton at TennysonHamilton at Mamelon
Gardenwood at SouthcrestSpringbank at BerkshireHamilton at St. JulienHamilton at Rectory
Berkshire at GardenwoodSpringbank at Wonderland Hamilton at Pine LawnHamilton at Sackville
Berkshire at Berkshire PlaceSpringbank at QuinellaHamilton at GilesHamilton at Egerton
Berkshire at SpringbankSpringbank at Jarvis StHamilton at HighburyHamilton at Tennyson
Springbank at BerkshireSpringbank at Hillcrest DrHale at HamiltonHamilton at St. Julien
Springbank at Wonderland Springbank West of WestmountHale at MageeHamilton at Pine Lawn
Springbank at QuinellaSpringbank at CommissionersTweedsmuir at FairwayHamilton at Giles
Springbank at Jarvis StCommissioners & Springbank DrTweedsmuir & ManitoulinHamilton at Highbury
Springbank at Hillcrest DrCommissioners at NorthTweedsmuir & Court Lane W LegHale at Hamilton
Springbank West of WestmountOpposite St George's ParishManitoulin at TweedsmuirHale at Magee
Springbank at CommissionersCommissioners at Springbank ParkMontabello at TweedsmuirTweedsmuir at Fairway
Commissioners & Springbank DrCommissioners at BolerMontabello at EldoradoTweedsmuir & Manitoulin
Commissioners at NorthCommissioners east of Halls MillsGore at Valleyview ApartmentsTweedsmuir & Court Lane W Leg
Opposite St George's ParishGore at BraesydeManitoulin at Tweedsmuir
Commissioners at Springbank ParkGore at FirestoneMontabello at Tweedsmuir
Commissioners at BolerClarke at GoreMontabello at Eldorado
Commissioners east of Halls MillsClarke at FirestoneGore at Valleyview Apartments
Marconi ClubGore at Braesyde
Clarke at CharterhouseGore at Firestone
Clarke north of TrafalgarClarke at Gore
Clarke at Royal Clarke at Firestone
Sunrise Baptist ChurchMarconi Club
Clarke Road Secondary SchoolClarke at Charterhouse
Clarke at ChurchillClarke north of Trafalgar
Argyle Mall SB - Stop 1Clarke at Royal
Sunrise Baptist Church
Clarke Road Secondary School
Clarke at Churchill
Argyle Mall SB - Stop 1

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See the progress of all vehicles for a route. Delays, gaps and bunching can be easily seen.

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See headway, rider average waiting time, speed, schedule adherence and passenger load (where available) for each stop.

View Route Tracking History

See a list of trips for a route or a vehicle.

Message/Alert History

The agency messages in effect during a range of time.

Schedule/Headway Adherence Chart

See the distribution of schedule or headway adherence by stop for a branch.

Passenger Load Chart

See the distribution of each passenger load level by stop for a branch.

Route Delay Map

Map of locations where vehicles are delayed along the route.

Choose Stop for Stop History

See a list of vehicles that serve the chosen stop with scheduled headway, actual gap between vehicles as well as a scatter plot of gaps.

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Choose two stop and see a list of travel times between them, as well as a scatter plot of the travel time.

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