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Please note the following stop / stops are closed: Richmond at Hyman NB Started Feb 15 Until Jan 1 3000
Due to construction, stop #1483 Richmond at Hyman NB is closed. Please catch the bus at the closest open stop, #1496 Richmond at Pall Mall NB.
Route 15 Ridout Bridge Construction Detour Northbound Started Feb 21 Until Apr 28
Route 15 Ridout Bridge Construction Detour Southbound Started Feb 21 Until Apr 28
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
15b Westmount Mall via Old South15b Downtown via Cranbrook15a Downtown via Old South
Oakville at HuronWestmount Mall at Stop 3Westmount Mall at Stop 2
Oakville at TilipeViscount at Farnham RdSaunders Secondary School
Oakville at ChippewaViscount at Village GreenViscount West of Wonderland
Chippewa Elementary SchoolViscount at CranbrookWonderland North of McMaster
Chippewa at TrevorCranbrook at HillsmountMcMaster at Wonderland
Chippewa at AppacheCranbrook at SalemDalhousie south of McMaster
Sandford at BentleyCranbrook at CommissionersDalhousie at Brixham
Sandford North of HuronCommissioners west of NottinghillSouthdale at SW Community Centre
Huron at SandfordCommissioners east of NottinghillSouthdale at Pine Valley
Huron at WebsterWonderland at CommissionersWonderland at Southdale
Huron west of HighburyWonderland at VillageGreen AveWonderland at PineValley Gate
Huron at VestaWonderland at Viscount NS1Wonderland South of McMaster
McNay at HuronViscount East of WonderlandWonderland North of McMaster
McNay at RockViscount at SteeplechaseViscount East of Wonderland
McNay at VictoriaViscount at Pine Valley DrViscount at Steeplechase
McNay at CheapsideAndover north of Viscount Viscount at Pine Valley Dr
Cheapside at BoulleeAndover at NovelloAndover north of Viscount
Cheapside at SterlingAndover at Village GreenAndover at Novello
Cheapside at GammageAndover at CommissionersAndover at Village Green
Cheapside at ElliottBeachwood at Base LineAndover at Commissioners
Cheapside east of AdelaideBase Line west of West St Beachwood at Base Line
Cheapside west of AdelaideBase Line east of West St Base Line west of West St
Cheapside at WilliamBase Line at McGregorBase Line east of West St
Cheapside at MaitlandBase Line at WharncliffeBase Line at McGregor
Cheapside at ColborneBase Line at Dundee PlaceBase Line at Wharncliffe
Cheapside at WaterlooCathcart at BaselineBase Line at Dundee Place
Cheapside at RichmondCathcart at DevonshireCathcart at Baseline
Richmond at GrosvenorCathcart at LangarthCathcart at Devonshire
Richmond at St. JamesCathcart at TecumsehCathcart at Langarth
Richmond at OxfordCathcart at ElmwoodCathcart at Tecumseh
Richmond at MillBruce at WortleyCathcart at Elmwood
Richmond at CentralBruce at Marley PlaceBruce at Wortley
Richmond at KentRidout at ElmwoodBruce at Marley Place
Richmond at DufferinGrand at BellevueRidout at Elmwood
Richmond south of QueensCarfrae at GrandGrand at Bellevue
Richmond at KingCarfrae at CarfraeCarfrae at Grand
Richmond at SimcoeRichmond at SimcoeCarfrae at Carfrae
Richmond at GreyRichmond north of HortonRichmond at Simcoe
Carfrae & Carfrae StRichmond at KingRichmond north of Horton
Carfrae at Woodland PlRichmond at QueensRichmond at King
Ridout & Grand AveRichmond at AngelRichmond at Queens
Elmwood at Marley PlaceRichmond at HymanRichmond at Angel
Elmwood at WortleyRichmond at Pall MallRichmond at Hyman
Elmwood at CathcartRichmond at OxfordRichmond at Pall Mall
Edward at ElmwoodRichmond at St. JamesRichmond at Oxford
Edward at TecumsehRichmond at GrosvenorRichmond at St. James
Edward at LangarthRichmond at CheapsideRichmond at Grosvenor
Edward at HighwayCheapside at WaterlooRichmond at Cheapside
Edward at BaselineCheapside at ColborneCheapside at Waterloo
Base Line at WharncliffeCheapside at MaitlandCheapside at Colborne
30 Base LineCheapside at WilliamCheapside at Maitland
90 Base LineCheapside at AdelaideCheapside at William
Base Line at CotswoldCheapside at BramptonCheapside at Adelaide
Beachwood at Base LineCheapside at GammageCheapside at Brampton
Andover at CommissionersCheapside at BarkerCheapside at Gammage
Andover at Village GreenCheapside at BoulleeCheapside at Barker
Andover at Elmgrove CrCheapside at McNayCheapside at Boullee
Andover at ViscountMcNay south of VictoriaCheapside at McNay
Viscount at GardenvaleMcNay north of VictoriaMcNay south of Victoria
Viscount at Foxmill CrMcNay at HuronMcNay north of Victoria
Viscount East of WonderlandHuron at VestaMcNay at Huron
Westmount Mall at Stop 3Huron west of HighburyHuron at Vesta
Huron at Webster Stop 1Huron west of Highbury
Huron at SandfordHuron at Webster Stop 1
Beckworth at ToukayHuron at Sandford
Beckworth at LancasterBeckworth at Toukay
Beckworth at LangtonBeckworth at Lancaster
Beckworth at TudorBeckworth at Langton
Beckworth at SorrelBeckworth at Tudor
Sorrel at Perth AveBeckworth at Sorrel
Sorrel at HuronSorrel at Perth Ave
Oakville at HuronSorrel at Huron
Oakville at Huron

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