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Please note the following stop / stops are closed: Oxbury Mall EB Started Feb 20 Until Jan 1 3000
Due to construction, stop #1307 Oxbury Centre EB is closed. Please catch the bus at the closest open stop, #1309 Oxford at Highbury EB.
Please note the following stop / stops are closed: John Paul Secondary School WB Started Feb 20 Until Jan 1 3000
Due to construction, stop #1310 John Paul Secondary School WB is temporarily relocated. Please catch the bus at the temp stop located 1 utility pole east of the stop (approx. 40m).
Please note the following stop / stops are closed: Oxford at Mornington EB Started Feb 20 Until Jan 1 3000
Due to construction, stop #1322 Oxford at Mornington EB is temporarily relocated. Please catch the bus at the temp stop located 2 poles west of stop (approx. 50m).
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
ROUTE 54 Detour Started Until Feb 23
17b Argyle Mall via Oxford17a Argyle Mall via Oxford17a Byron via Oxford17b Riverbend via Oxford
Shore at KainsByron Baseline at GriffithArgyle Mall NB - Stop 2Argyle Mall NB - Stop 2
Commissioners at Chestnut Hill 1Byron Baseline at BelvedereClarke at DundasClarke at Dundas
Commissioners at Chestnut Hill 2Byron Baseline at Byron BlvdClarke at AvalonClarke at Avalon
Commissioners at GrandviewBoler at Byron BaselineClarke at ParkhurstClarke at Parkhurst
Commissioners at ReynoldsBoler at GlenroseClarke at PacificClarke at Pacific
Commissioners at StephenBoler south of CommissionersCulver at ClarkeCulver at Clarke
Commissioners at Halls MillsBoler north of Commissioners 1826 Culver1826 Culver
Boler north of Commissioners Sanatorium at RiversideCulver at Culver Cres.Culver at Culver Cres.
Riverside at SanatoriumSanatorium at PlymouthCulver at Culver CourtCulver at Culver Court
Riverside at Hartson westSanatorium at Sutton PlaceCulver at ThirdCulver at Third
Riverside at St. AnthonyOxford at SanatoriumThird at Culver DrThird at Culver Dr
Riverside at Hartson eastOxford at Old HuntThird at OxfordThird at Oxford
Hyde Park at RiversideSt Aidens ChurchOxford at Fanshawe College BlvdOxford at Fanshawe College Blvd
Hyde Park at ValettaOxford at Royal YorkFanshawe College Stop 6Fanshawe College Stop 6
Hyde Park at Fiddlers GreenOxford at Hyde ParkOxford at RoehamptonOxford at Roehampton
Hyde Park south of OxfordOxford at Fiddlers GreenJohn Paul Secondary SchoolJohn Paul Secondary School
Oxford at Fiddlers GreenOxford at Guildwood GateOxford at HighburyOxford at Highbury
Oxford at Guildwood GateOxford at FreeleOxford at WistowOxford at Wistow
Oxford at FreeleOxford at JuniperOxford at OaksideOxford at Oakside
Oxford at JuniperOxford at LaruelOxford at ClemensOxford at Clemens
Oxford at LaruelOxford at Capulet LaneOxford at LymanOxford at Lyman
Oxford at Capulet LaneOxford at WonderlandOxford at StuartOxford at Stuart
Oxford at WonderlandOxford at Proudfoot LaneOxford at QuebecOxford at Quebec
Oxford at Proudfoot LaneOxford at BeaverbrookOxford at SterlingOxford at Sterling
Oxford at BeaverbrookChelsey Park Retirement HomeOxford at GammageOxford at Gammage
Chelsey Park Retirement HomeOxford at Cherryhill BlvdOxford at ElliottOxford at Elliott
Oxford at Cherryhill BlvdOxford at BritanniaOxford at ElizabethOxford at Elizabeth
Oxford at BritanniaOxford at RathowenOxford at AdelaideOxford at Adelaide
Oxford at RathowenOxford at WharncliffeOxford at WilliamOxford at William
Oxford at WharncliffeOxford at St. AndrewsOxford at MaitlandOxford at Maitland
Oxford at St. AndrewsOxford at TalbotOxford at ColborneOxford at Colborne
Oxford at TalbotOxford at St. GeorgeOxford at WaterlooOxford at Waterloo
Oxford at St. GeorgeOxford at RichmondOxford at WellingtonOxford at Wellington
Oxford at RichmondOxford at WellingtonOxford at RichmondOxford at Richmond
Oxford at WellingtonOxford at WaterlooOxford at St. GeorgeOxford at St. George
Oxford at WaterlooOxford at ColborneOxford at TalbotOxford at Talbot
Oxford at ColborneOxford at MaitlandOxford & Grace StOxford & Grace St
Oxford at MaitlandOxford at WilliamOxford at WharncliffeOxford at Wharncliffe
Oxford at WilliamOxford at AdelaideOxford at FernelyOxford at Fernely
Oxford at AdelaideOxford at ElizabethOxford at RathowenOxford at Rathowen
Oxford at ElizabethOxford at ElliottOxford at Platts LaneOxford at Platts Lane
Oxford at ElliottOxford at GammageOxford at Cherryhill BlvdOxford at Cherryhill Blvd
Oxford at GammageOxford at SterlingOxford east of BeaverbrookOxford east of Beaverbrook
Oxford at SterlingOxford at QuebecOxford west of BeaverbrookOxford west of Beaverbrook
Oxford at QuebecOxford at StrandOxford at ProudfootOxford at Proudfoot
Oxford at StrandOxford at FleetOxford at WonderlandOxford at Wonderland
Oxford at FleetOxford at SpittalOxford at Capulet LaneOxford at Capulet Lane
Oxford at SpittalOxford at ClemensOxford at LaurelOxford at Laurel
Oxford at ClemensOxford at EmpireOxford at Guildwood BlvdOxford at Guildwood Blvd
Oxford at EmpireOxford at MorningtonOxford at FreeleOxford at Freele
Oxford at MorningtonOxbury CentreOxford at Guildwood GateOxford at Guildwood Gate
Oxbury CentreOxford at HighburyOxford at Fiddlers GreenOxford at Fiddlers Green
Oxford at HighburyFanshawe College Stop 1Oxford at Hyde ParkHyde Park at Oxford
Fanshawe College Stop 1Oxford at SecondOxford at Royal YorkHyde Park at Fiddlers Green
Oxford at SecondOxford at ThirdMarie Curie SchoolHyde Park at Hazelden
Oxford at ThirdThird at Oxford Oxford at Old HuntHyde Park at Riverside
Third at Oxford Third South of OxfordSt Thomas Aquanis Secondary SchoolRiverside at Hartson east
Third South of OxfordThird at Culver Sanatorium at PlymouthRiverside at St. Anthony
Third at Culver Culver at ThirdSanatorium at RiversideRiverside at Hartson
Culver at ThirdCulver at Culver CresHalls Mills at CommissionersRiverside at Sanatorium
Culver at Culver CresCulver east of Culver PlaceCommissioners at StephenHalls Mills at Commissioners
Culver east of Culver PlaceCulver north of Culver PlaceGriffith at CommissionersCommissioners at Stephen
Culver north of Culver PlaceClarke at CulverGriffith at Helena MontagueCommissioners at Grandview
Clarke at CulverClarke at Culver 2Griffith at NormanCommissioners at Cadeau Terrace 1
Clarke at Culver 2Clarke at HerbertByron Baseline at GriffithCommissioners at Cadeau Terrace 2
Clarke at HerbertClarke at ParkhurstKains at Oxford
Clarke at ParkhurstClarke at AvalonKains at Kirkpatrick
Clarke at AvalonClarke at DundasKains at Summerville
Clarke at DundasClarke at WhitneyKains at Riverbend
Clarke at WhitneyArgyle Mall NB - Stop 2Riverbend at Shore
Argyle Mall NB - Stop 2Shore at Kains

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