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Stop List
Route Vehicles
South Chicago (93rd)Blue IslandUniversity ParkMillennium StationMillennium StationMillennium Station
Millennium StationMillennium StationMillennium StationBlue IslandUniversity ParkSouth Chicago (93rd)
Van Buren St.Van Buren St.Van Buren St.Burr OakRichton Park87th St.
Museum Campus/11th St.Museum Campus/11th St.Museum Campus/11th St.AshlandMatteson83rd St.
18th St.18th St.18th St.Racine211th St.Cheltenham (79th St.)
McCormick PlaceMcCormick PlaceMcCormick PlaceWest PullmanOlympia FieldsWindsor Park
27th St.27th St.27th St.Stewart RidgeFlossmoorSouth Shore
47th St. (Kenwood)47th St. (Kenwood)47th St. (Kenwood)State St.HomewoodBryn Mawr
51st/53rd St. (Hyde Park)51st/53rd St. (Hyde Park)51st/53rd St. (Hyde Park)KensingtonCalumetStony Island
55th at 56th - 57th St.55th at 56th - 57th St.55th at 56th - 57th St.111th St. (Pullman)Hazel Crest63rd St.
59th St. (U. of Chicago)59th St. (U. of Chicago)59th St. (U. of Chicago)107th St.Harvey59th St. (U. of Chicago)
63rd St.63rd St.63rd St.103rd St. (Rosemoor)Ivanhoe55th at 56th - 57th St.
Stony Island75th St. (Grand Crossing)75th St. (Grand Crossing)95th St.Riverdale51st/53rd St. (Hyde Park)
Bryn Mawr79th St. (Chatham)79th St. (Chatham)91st St.Kensington47th St. (Kenwood)
South Shore83rd St. (Avalon Park)83rd St. (Avalon Park)87th St. (Woodruff)111th St. (Pullman)27th St.
Windsor Park87th St. (Woodruff)87th St. (Woodruff)83rd St. (Avalon Park)107th St.McCormick Place
Cheltenham (79th St.)91st St.91st St.79th St. (Chatham)103rd St. (Rosemoor)18th St.
83rd St.95th St.95th St.75th St. (Grand Crossing)95th St.Museum Campus/11th St.
87th St.103rd St. (Rosemoor)103rd St. (Rosemoor)63rd St.91st St.Van Buren St.
South Chicago (93rd)107th St.107th St.59th St. (U. of Chicago)87th St. (Woodruff)Millennium Station
111th St. (Pullman)111th St. (Pullman)55th at 56th - 57th St.83rd St. (Avalon Park)
KensingtonKensington51st/53rd St. (Hyde Park)79th St. (Chatham)
State St.Riverdale47th St. (Kenwood)75th St. (Grand Crossing)
Stewart RidgeIvanhoe27th St.63rd St.
West PullmanHarveyMcCormick Place59th St. (U. of Chicago)
RacineHazel Crest18th St.55th at 56th - 57th St.
AshlandCalumetMuseum Campus/11th St.51st/53rd St. (Hyde Park)
Burr OakHomewoodVan Buren St.47th St. (Kenwood)
Blue IslandFlossmoorMillennium Station27th St.
Olympia FieldsMcCormick Place
211th St.18th St.
MattesonMuseum Campus/11th St.
Richton ParkVan Buren St.
University ParkMillennium Station

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