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Express/St Paul/Minneapolis
Cottage Grove P&R at W Point Douglas Rd S
Hwy 61 at Lower Afton P&R
Kellogg Blvd at Broadway St
Sibley St at 4th St
6th St    . . .    6th St    . . .    6th St
Sibley St
Jackson / Robert
Minnesota St
Cedar St
Wabasha St
Washington St
Washington St / 7th St
7th St S
10th Ave S
Bud Grant Way
7th at Park Station
7th St S at 5th Ave S
7th St at 3rd Ave Station
7th St S
3rd Ave / 2nd Ave S
Nicollet Mall
7th at Hennepin Station
Express/St Paul/Cottage Grove P&r
5th St Transit Center Gate C
6th St S    . . .    6th St S    . . .    6th St S
Hennepin Ave S
Marquette Ave
2nd Ave / 3rd Ave S
5th Ave S
Park Ave / Chicago Ave S
Bud Grant Way
11th Ave S
5th St    . . .    5th St    . . .    5th St
7th St W
Market St
Wabasha St / Cedar St
Minnesota St
Jackson St
Sibley St / Wacouta St
Hwy 61 at Lower Afton P&R
Cottage Grove P&R at W Point Douglas Rd S

The following stop is closed for Routes 294, 353 and 363 beginning Mon Oct 5 at 7:00 AM until further notice: 6th St & Minnesota St - Stop #52097 (westbound) Started Oct 5
Board buses on 6th St. at Cedar - Stop #11861

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