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4 Sherway Gardens Started Apr 1 Until Aug 31
DETOUR 4 East/West - North Service Rd closed between Stanfield Rd and Dixie Rd. Stop 0405, 0409 and 0410 will be missed.
4 Sherway Gardens Started May 14 Until Jul 31
DETOUR 4 East - Left turn restriction from Queensway to Hurontario St. Stop 0722 will be missed.
4Sherway Gardens Started May 14 Until Jan 1 3000
Detour between Route 4 East at CONFEDERATION PKY at 2300 CONFEDERATION PKY and Route 4 East at HURONTARIO ST at FLORADALE DR
4 E Sherway Gardens To Sherway4 W Sherway Gardens To Cooksville Go
Cooksville Go Station Platform 7Sherway Gardens Bus Terminal Platform A
Hillcrest Ave at Condo RdThe West Mall at South of The Queensway
Hillcrest Ave at Confederation PkyQueensway at West of The West Mall
Hillcrest Ave at Parkerhill RdQueensway at East of Dixie Rd
Hillcrest Ave at High Springs CresDixie Rd at Kendall Rd
Hillcrest Ave at West of Pearwood PlDixie Rd at Primate Rd
Hillcrest Ave at Clayhill RdDixie Mall Bus Terminal Platform A
Hillcrest Ave at Wheatstone AveNorth Service Rd at Harvest Dr
Mavis Rd at Dundas StNorth Service Rd at Tolman Rd
Paisley Blvd at Cashmere AveNorth Service Rd at Stanfield Rd
Paisley Blvd at Crystalburn AveNorth Service Rd at Insley Rd
Paisley Blvd at Stillmeadow RdNorth Service Rd at Redan Dr
Paisley Blvd at Goodison AveNorth Service Rd at Annapolis Ave
Paisley Blvd at Antigua RdNorth Service Rd at Cawthra Rd
Confederation Pky at South of Paisley BlvdAsta Dr at North Service Rd
Confederation Pky at 2300 Confederation PkyAsta Dr at Abana Rd
Queensway at Trillium HospitalTedwyn Dr at Felina Crt
Hurontario St at Paisley BlvdTedwyn Dr at Chantenay Dr
Hurontario St at Floradale DrTedwyn Dr at Munden Rd
Hurontario St at King StTedwyn Dr at Cliff Rd
King St at Sheppard AveCliff Rd at Pathfinder Dr
King St at Camilla RdCliff Rd at North Service Rd
Camilla Rd at Paisley BlvdNorth Service Rd at West of Cliff Rd
Camilla Rd at QueenswayCamilla Rd at North Service Rd
Camilla Rd at Camilla PlCamilla Rd at Pathfinder Dr
Camilla Rd at Cherry Post DrCamilla Rd at Cherry Post Dr
Camilla Rd at South of Pathfinder DrCamilla Rd at Camilla Pl
Camilla Rd at North Service RdCamilla Rd at Daphne Ave
Cliff Rd at North Service RdCamilla Rd at Paisley Blvd
Cliff Rd at Pathfinder DrCamilla Rd at King St
Tedwyn Dr at Chantenay DrKing St at Shepard Ave
Tedwyn Dr at Munden RdHurontario St at King St
Tedwyn Dr at Hensall StHurontario St at Floradale Dr
Asta Dr at Boismere CrtHurontario St at Paisley Blvd
Asta Dr at North Service RdHurontario St at Queensway
North Service Rd at Cawthra RdQueensway at Confederation Pky
North Service Rd at Annapolis AveConfederation Pky at Paisley Blvd
North Service Rd at Insley RdPaisley Blvd at Antigua Rd
North Service Rd at Stanfield RdPaisley Blvd at Mason Hts
North Service Rd at Harvest DrPaisley Blvd at Stillmeadow Rd
Dixie Mall Bus Terminal Platform BPaisley Blvd at Crystalburn Ave
Dixie Rd at Sherway DrPaisley Blvd at Palisander Ave
Dixie Rd at Kendall RdPaisley Blvd at Mavis Rd
Sherway Gate at South of Sherway Gardens RdMavis Rd at Dundas St
Sherway Gardens Bus Terminal Platform AHillcrest Ave at Mavis Rd
Hillcrest Ave at Elmcreek Rd
Hillcrest Ave at Clayhill Rd
Hillcrest Ave at Pearwood Pl
Hillcrest Ave at High Springs Cres
Hillcrest Ave at Parkerhill Rd
Hillcrest Ave at Confederation Pky
Cooksville Go Station Platform 7
4Sherway Gardens Started Apr 11 Until Jan 1 3000
Detour between Route 4 West at DIXIE RD at PRIMATE RD and Route 4 West at NORTH SERVICE RD at STANFIELD RD

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